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Covid-19 is here to stay. Like the seasonal flu, the best Americans can hope for is an annual vaccine. Either we learn to live with this disease and determine never to “voluntarily” shutdown our economy again, or risk losing our way of life forever.


The impact these lockdowns have had on Americans’ familial relationships, mental and emotional well-being, individual finances, medical health due to the neglect of secondary issues, and the attacks on our religious and civil liberties, are more damaging than the virus itself.

America didn’t shut down our economy during the Hong Kong flu pandemic of 1968. It was business as usual during the Ebola and Swine flu scares. Therefore, I saw no need to react differently to Covid-19. Having said that, thank God this pandemic has exposed just how eager power-hungry Democrats are to rip away our civil liberties and control us if elected in November. Their behavior has reinforced why conservatives must re-elect President Trump, maintain the Senate and win the House. There are more lessons to be learned that I outline below:

One, we can trust American patriots, medical researchers and entrepreneurs to adapt to a medical crisis voluntarily without government forcing us onto welfare. Two, forcing people out of work and destroying their livelihoods is just as detrimental physically and emotionally as the virus itself. Three, quarantining healthy people is stupid. Lastly, we should never be afraid to question scientists who may be guided by hidden agendas and doomsday models in any crisis scenario.


For the most part, Americans have adapted to the Wuhan virus. People are wearing masks everywhere I go. Social distancing and washing our hands incessantly has become normative. Admittedly, even though I’m not concerned about contracting Covid-19, I avoid others in confined spaces, not for fear that I’ll catch the disease, but for fear of spreading it. 

Likewise, entrepreneurs are finding creative ways to adapt as well. Hair salons like Shelley Luther’s “Salon a la Mode” in Dallas, Texas began servicing one client at a time, by appointment only, while others waited their turn outside. Once inside, both the stylists and customers wear masks, sanitize their hands, sit several feet away from other clients and stylists disinfect their stations after each use.

Grocery stores in my area have created one-way aisles, strictly enforce one exit and entry point, six-foot markers outline the floors as reminders to keep our distance, cashiers wear masks and plexiglass has been installed at registers for everyone’s protection. The neighborhood Home Depot, Lowe’s, restaurants and mom and pop stores have done the same.

Furthermore, medical researchers are racing to find a vaccine or therapy to treat Covid-19. Already, some doctors have seen great results using a combination of hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin and zinc during the early stages of the disease. But partisanship prevailed when Donald Trump endorsed hydroxychloroquine at a press briefing. Then suddenly, after doctors successfully used the drug to safely treat malaria and lupus patients for over a half century, it became the drug from hell. That is when it became clear that Democrats would rather see people die than to see Trump get credit for a possible treatment.


Nonetheless, other potential therapies have emerged. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) fast tracked the approval of Remdesivir. Testing indicated that it increased the coronavirus recovery time by approximately 31 percent. However, the drug is very expensive and the results were mediocre at best. Another biopharmaceutical company by the name of Moderna announced that the FDA has also fast tracked their experimental Covid-19 vaccine. Testing for their drug has already begun in Seattle and is showing great promise. 

Americans heeded the warnings from the CDC and voluntarily adjusted our lives accordingly. Had we been given the opportunity from the start to play a role in defeating the virus without destroying our livelihoods, and by extension, the American economy, we would have done so. Instead, we’re plagued with secondary health and mental issues, such as spikes in suicide, heart attack, depression and anxiety, loneliness, missed cancer diagnosis, domestic violence, child abuse, alcohol abuse and drug abuse that have manifested as a direct result of the lockdown orders.

Democrats seized on the opportunity to control us by continually moving the goal posts. The dictator of Los Angeles, Mayor Eric Garcetti, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, Gov. Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania and Gov. J.B. Pritzker of Illinois are the worst. Democrats went from we must “flatten the curve,” to prevent our hospitals from being overrun, to we must remain on lockdown until a vaccine is found. How foolish. Finally, Americans are defying these guidelines that were never legislated into law because they realize Democrats have used them to usurp power from the people and circumvent the Constitution.


Thirdly, it makes about as much sense to quarantine healthy people as it does to go fishing on the shore. Particularly when the overwhelming amount of Covid-19 deaths occur in nursing homes. Therefore, I’m convinced Democrats are abusing these arbitrary rules to test how Americans will respond to authoritarianism, not a pandemic.

Lastly, we must question the agenda of every epidemiologist and scientist that uses doomsday models to forecast the prevalence and impact of diseases. For example, Professor Neil Ferguson at Imperial College in London, who is a man-made global warming alarmist and ignored his own recommendations for social distancing to carry on an affair with his married lover, led the Covid-19 modeling team. He predicted over 500,000 people in Great Britain and more than 2 million Americans would die as a result of Covid-19. Even with major social distancing guidelines and shielding the elderly, Ferguson’s models projected 1 million deaths in America by Aug 1. Today, 92,034 Americans have died of Covid-19 and over 20 million more are jobless thanks to the unreliable scientists and their models.  

Never forget that America is exceptional because we get to tell our politicians what to do not vice versa. If we forget that, we’re finished.


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