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6 Serious Solutions To Reduce Mass Shootings and Protect Liberty

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AP Photo/Rick Bowmer, File

The Second Amendment is non-negotiable. It’s the glue that holds the Bill of Rights together. Benjamin Franklin once stated, “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” I agree.


Whenever mass shootings happen power hungry politicians rush to microphones to exploit the dead and demand more gun control. But America doesn’t have a gun problem, we have a morality problem.

“Red flag” laws, which flip due process on its head, won’t stop mass shootings anymore than past gun control measures have. Laws address societal symptoms, but they can’t change one’s heart. Likewise, mental health patients are already concerned about the stigma that follows them. These laws will discourage them from seeking the help they need.

Let’s be rational, if gun control worked, gun related homicides in democratic cities like Chicago and Baltimore, that have the nation’s toughest gun laws, would be rare. But criminals don’t obey laws and there’s nothing we can do to stop evil and crazy people from doing evil and crazy things. If we allow bureaucrats to punish good gun owners by banning sport and self-defense rifles like AR-15s, what’ll happen when the next mass murderer uses a 9mm Glock, or a .38 Smith and Wesson revolver? They’ll ban those too! These laws are about control, not safety. If we’re not careful, the only guns left will be the ones criminals use to rob us with.

Democrats won’t stop until the Second Amendment is gone. They’re great at distorting facts and creating scary terms like “assault rifles,” and “weapons of war” to scare voters into submission. 

Additionally, more handguns are used in mass shootings than rifles, a fact often ignored by the press. As for universal background checks, they already exist for new gun buyers and those same background checks are used at gun shows. The truth is leftists want to end private gun sales and stop parents from passing their guns down to their kids.


None of their ideas will stop mass shootings, but here are cultural solutions to reduce gun violence worth considering:

1) Reintroduce the 10 Commandments in public schools: Kids don’t know the difference between what’s morally right and wrong, good and evil and why objective truth matters if morals are subjective and arbitrary. When kids understand that there are immediate and eternal consequences for murder, because there is a God who watches above, we’ll see less of it.

2) Snitches should get rewarded: In the ‘hood and in jail, “snitches” are despised. This mindset has permeated society, and it’s one reason why “red flag” laws won’t work. Often people don’t snitch on a potential suspect for fear of retaliation and because they’ll be ridiculed by their peers. That’s why gun violence is so prevalent in inner cities where gangs and drug dealers are plentiful.

3) Digitally desensitized: Violent video games contribute to the desensitization to violence that we see in our kids. But, so do cell phones! I’m not in favor of banning either one. I prefer parental supervision. Today, social media and video games are raising many American kids. Look at how mean, disrespectful and bold kids are on Twitter. I’m convinced that Antifa is a tech revolution as much as they are a fascist revolution. Kids today lack human connection. They’re detached from reality and real people. They can’t handle disagreement because they can be as nasty as they want to be online without consequence or compromise. Mass shooters are a physical manifestation of digital courage left unchecked by real people in their lives.


4) Promote fatherhood: A father, mother and child are the ideal family unit. Although an intact family isn’t possible for everyone, we should encourage our kids to marry and make babies. When you consider that nearly 75 percent of black babies are born out of wedlock, it shouldn’t shock us when poverty and incarceration rates are high, and education isn’t as esteemed in black and minority communities. Dads matter! They impact their child’s self-esteem, intellectual development, independence, courage, social development, spiritual life, respect for the opposite sex, their ability to resolve conflict, and the list goes on.

Single mothers should find a safe, mentally healthy and stable male role model for their kids, excluding boyfriends. Preferably, a grandfather, uncle, fiancée, leader at church, sports coach, etc.

5) Expose “violent” juvenile offenders: Criminal records for people that were violent juvenile offenders should be considered when they want to purchase a legal gun as an adult. The Parkland and Dayton, Ohio shooters both had sordid pasts as youths. You don’t need red flag laws to recognize when individuals are mildly, moderately or severely mentally ill. If they’ve been professionally diagnosed as bipolar or schizophrenic, don’t sell them a gun. Also, make their criminal history publicly available, including to gun store owners. If former juvenile offenders aren’t diagnosed as bipolar or schizophrenic, and they’ve been productive, non-violent citizens for a length of time predetermined by the courts, restore their gun rights.


6) Arm yourself: American citizens use guns approximately 2 million times per year to defend their lives or prevent a crime. Why isn’t this ever reported? It simply doesn’t support the media narrative that guns are bad. The truth is, guns are used 7 to 8 times more for good purposes.

Reducing mass shootings requires a recognition of America’s moral failures, not more gun laws. The next heartless and evil mass shooter has already obtained a gun, legally or illegally. I’ve decided that I want to be armed to stop him. If you want to be a sitting duck, go ahead.

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