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Hatred for Trump Exposes an Immature, Emotionally Unstable America.

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There are far too many people in our nation who are emotionally immature and unstable. Their decisions are based on feelings. They believe their feelings, struggles and failures are the fault of someone else.


On Sunday, I was running on Peachtree Road in Atlanta, Georgia’s prominent Buckhead shopping district where I encountered about a dozen Trump supporters holding signs that said “Women for Trump” and “Make America Great Again.” As I ran past them, people were yelling obscenities at them in their cars, so I stopped to observe.

I spoke to the Trump supporters, part of Atlanta’s “Millennials for Trump.” They told me that in the past hour they had observed parents yelling expletives from their cars with young children inside. One car had a seven to eight-year-old child point his middle finger at them (and the parents were laughing and encouraging it). People in Maseratis, Porsche, Lexus and other high-end automobiles were gesturing their middle finger through their sunroof or yelling “[Blank] Trump” out of their windows.

This was the most disgusting display of moral deficiency and un-American sentiment imaginable (better known as liberalism).   

I spoke to a young black man who was also holding a Trump sign. He told me he had been called every racist name imaginable including ‘the token black guy.’

Add, ‘racist’ and ‘bigoted’ to the list of un-American, liberal values referenced above. Liberals believe certain minorities belong to them and anyone who leaves their ‘liberal-plantation’ is to be ridiculed rather than understood and heard.

As I was speaking with them, I observed many of these slurs and actions multiple times. Thankfully, there were just as many people praising them for their support of Trump including me.


The most laughable example (and sad) was the person that called Trump mean while yelling and shouting expletives. These sort of people scare me. They are cognitively detached from reality.

It saddens me deeply to observe parents encourage their children to demean and disrespect other Americans expressing their First Amendment rights. It teaches them to act with deviant behavior instead of constructive disagreement and is contributing to our collective demise.  

Many people (especially a large number of Clinton supporters) have become so selfish that they do not care about anything but the policy issue that affects them the most. They do not care how corrupt the person is so long as they support their single issue.

As an example, if the president of a green-energy company despises every aspect of Hillary Clinton, he/she would still vote Clinton because of the perceived and immediate benefit to his business because of her global warming affinity. The stupidity in this example is akin to burning down your house to stay warm in the winter.

We’re not voting for a ‘better country’ any longer where everyone who works hard and uses personal responsibility can win, we are simply voting for ‘our issue.’ This explains why so many ineffective and incompetent politicians keep being re-elected.  

The spiraling degradation of intelligence, judgment and emotional stability of many in our nation is chilling. We have collectively lost the capacity to judge substance over appearance.


Social media and the internet are greatly to blame for this. People seek the opinion and material that makes them feel better or that supports their biased opinions in order to live in a delusional state of mind. Most of what we read is inaccurate or distorted. This results in severe anger when they are later forced to face true reality creating the root-cause of the foregoing anti-Trump belligerence described in Atlanta.

I feel sorry for the many ‘basket-cases’ that are not sleeping at night, worried and traumatized by the idea of a Trump presidency. They are regretfully ignorant and ill-informed and are delusional as to the deep challenges we face as a people.

Trump has simply made us all look in the mirror. In doing so, we see deep structural flaws as a nation and our own impurities and sins. Trump is no better or worse than any of us. He simply has more business experience and a tremendous track-record of success. Will that translate to politics and the Oval Office? I’m willing to take that chance given the miserable track record of experienced, career politicians.

Trump understands how politicians and policy negatively affect business and can reverse some of the damage they have caused.

Clinton will add to present economic chaos. She will further complicate our business, financial and personal lives with more regulation, increased health care costs and choking bureaucracy. For me, that’s probably better. The more chaos she creates the more solutions and thus profit I can make both in media and real estate solving them.


Is there any wonder why big business and big government leaders want Clinton to defeat Trump? They prevail in turbulent times because they have the resources to navigate the chaos. Small businesses and their people get harmed because they can’t compete and thus the middle class becomes further decimated.

Instead of worrying about what Trump said, who he offended or how ‘he makes me feel,’ why don’t we wake up, stopping acting like a country full of babies and accept the fact that all of this is our fault and we as a people must ‘fix it.’

If Trump scares you for our economy, you need to be scared. If Trump makes you feel offended, you should be offended. If Trump is a voice for you, you need that voice. And, if you worry that Trump might start a war, you should.

President Obama has left the world unstable and our country weaker.

Those worries are all emotions. We need to stop ‘feeling’ and start acting. If we don’t, we’re facing an alarming wake-up call that makes the ‘Great Recession’ or the attacks of September 11 pale in comparison.

Most conservatives see the danger, but most of the country doesn’t.

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