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In order to distract from Hillary Clinton’s latest email-server problems, the Democrats (and thus the media) have been trying to peddle the notion that Donald Trump has inappropriate ties to Russia and the FBI is sitting on a treasure-trove of proof.

This is untrue. These are disingenuous Democrat talking points.

“Trump has ties to Russia.” This is one of the most ridiculous accusations yet. It’s rooted in the fact that Paul Manafort, former Trump-campaign manager did have some ties to politicians in Ukraine and Russia, but not Trump. 

What are Trump’s foreign ties, including Russia? It’s likely the same as you and me.

If you have a mortgage, it is likely backed by a foreign bank. That could be a Russian,  German or other foreign bank. 

One of the most prominent international banks involved in the financial crisis was Deutsche Bank. Goldman Sachs sold them billions of dollars in ‘AAA-rated’ mortgage bonds and then immediately shorted them as ‘junk-bonds.’ Emails surfaces of bankers joking about their scam. 

Most mortgage-backed securities in commercial and residential real estate are backed by American as well as foreign investors and banks.

The likelihood is that you have a mortgage backed by a foreign bank on your home. Trump likely has commercial loans backed partially by large foreign banks. These are contracts just like your home mortgage. If you make your payments you get to keep your home. It’s best said that ‘if you pay you stay, if you don’t you won’t.’

Trump’s commercial properties have the same loans. The difference is simply the number of zeros on the size of the loan. 

If anyone has ties to Russia, it’s Clinton. During her tenure as Secretary of State, Clinton approved a uranium-mining deal that allowed the Russians to effectively merge Uranium One and Rosatom. At the center of this deal is the Uranium One chairman who donated $2.35 million to the Clinton Foundation through his family’s charity. Convenient right? I doubt it. In this arrangement, Clinton effectively gave Putin and Russia control of a large stock of the world’s Uranium.

Putin doesn’t respect nor does he need Clinton. He’s already abused the ‘reset button’ Clinton attempted to ‘set’ with Russia.

Putin mainly wants to eliminate ISIS. The Clinton campaign is using classic projection here. They have the ties to Russia through illicit donations to the Clinton foundation, if anyone does.

Russian president, Vladimir Putin wants Donald Trump to be president but not because he believes he can manipulate Trump. He's ‘had his way’ with Obama and Hillary Clinton. If ‘manipulation’ was key, he’d definitely want Clinton. Putin has taken territory in Crimea and is now advancing on territory in Syria under Obama-Clinton.

Putin desperately needs to defeat ISIS, because the instability it creates in the Middle East is bad for the Russian economy. Russia is effectively attempting to clean up the mess Obama and company has left in the Middle East.  

Russia, however, may carpet-bomb, create a lot of carnage and extend problems fighting the war. There will be a humanitarian crisis if Russia is left alone. By contrast, the United States seems to be fighting not to lose, ‘playing by the rules’ against an enemy who plays only to win at all costs.

We need a middle ground that Putin believes Trump can achieve.

In the past 8 years, Putin has benefited from America’s removal of the United States Nuclear missile complex in Poland, the failed ‘reset button,’ the annex of Crimea and our derelict of duty on the world-stage as a leader. By default, Putin appears to exhibit strength in the face of American weakness. 

You don’t have to agree with Putin, in the least, to admit this reality.

Russia likely is meddling in the U.S. election, as is China and a host of other rogue regimes. We should be concerned about this. But, this meddling is the result of failed foreign policy and inattentiveness to the technical vulnerabilities in our digital world (by our leaders).

The most important issue is to recognize a common goal of both Russia and the United States: defeating ISIS. Russia will create an international crisis if they go alone. Schools will be bombed, children will be killed and ultimately Russia will control Syria and potentially Iraq. That is too dangerous.

Strong leaders prefer to deal with other strong leaders. Putin wants America to follow the Trump policy of defeating ISIS, ending the war and leaving. In his mind, Putin believes this will leave a vacuum of influence in the Middle East for Russia and a stability not conceivable under Obama or Clinton.

Putin wants Trump to be president for selfish reasons. Those reasons just happen to be somewhat beneficial to America if ISIS is eliminated. 

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