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In the future, businesses will be forced to step in and provide services to their local communities that government is incompetent to do.

Increasingly, government is becoming a regulatory body. Historically, government’s main role was to insure our security as well as help maintain an orderly system for innovators, creators and businesses to thrive. This has changed.


Increasingly, government is both corrupt and incompetent (federal, state & local). I’m not saying all government in America is corrupt or incompetent, but we are reaching a tipping point where it’s a majority.

Our schools have become institutions of liberal indoctrination, devoid of meaningful learning. We teach children that it’s okay to avoid painful discussions or situations and instead seek safe-zones devoid of reality. They aren’t teaching students how to adapt to the rapidly changing technological revolution. They are stuck in archaic principals rooted in massive ‘brick and mortar’ facilities limited by their avoidance of technology.

By contrast, countries like China, India and Mexico are taking our jobs, building more factories and inventing new and disruptive technologies. These countries are reinvesting the profits from these victories into educating their people and increasing their trade-skills.

American-based businesses are going to be forced to either move to these countries of lower-costs and increased productivity or to subsidize our liberal ‘government-schools’ with career counseling, business education and technical training.  

Our country is becoming so regulated that wages are stagnant. Instead of increasing worker’s salaries businesses are forced to spent thousands of hours of executive-level time renegotiating skyrocketing benefits packages and meeting with regulators and lawyers. You can thank ‘Obamacare’ regulations and its consequences for much of that. Instead of increased wages, employers are redirecting resources to maintaining benefits. It will be incumbent upon businesses to educate its employees on how to control costs with their doctor and how to mitigate damages caused by our burdensome government.


For instance, some employees are visiting ‘in-network’ doctors and learning that their annual physical is covered. In some cases, doctor’s are sending the blood-work to an ‘out-of-network’ laboratory for testing. The patient will later find that their insurer will not cover the lab-work resulting in a shocking-bill ranging from $1500-$3500. Our government created the vacuum and confusion that makes this both legal and possible through regulations such as ‘Obamacare.’

Who is going to inform consumers of this? If we can’t trust the government, then it must be America’s businesses who become the advocate for our citizens and our workers. They have the most at stake as the constant ‘regulation-spiral’ is usually first directed at them.

Sadly, many businesses are corrupt as well. It is going to be important that honorable business leaders escape the shadows to ‘blow the whistle’ on corrupt institutions within their respective industries.

When Wells Fargo can illegally repossess the cars of 400 active-duty, deployed military men (and women) and escape with only a fine, our system is broken. This was on the heels of the $185 million fine levied on them after they illegal opened over two million accounts. Wells blamed it on over 5,000 of its employees, of course!

We learned that Goldman Sachs shorted AAA-rated mortgage bonds in the immediate days following their sale of those bonds to unsuspecting investors. We’ve seen emails where bankers were joking about their ‘two-faced opinions’ of these bonds. Fines were paid, but no one was prosecuted. Is that because former Attorney General Eric Holder is now working for the law firm that serves many of these banks? Wasn’t he in charge of those prosecutions (or lack thereof)?


If our government can’t stop the corruption because it is itself corrupt, then powerful businesses must take over that role in order to maintain an orderly economy. 

Businesses could overwhelm the government’s corruption by offering free programs to train workers, teach them basic business skills and help people find their purpose. Our schools are failing miserably at this task. 

Once people become more economically empowered and enlightened, they will no longer be vulnerable to the politicians who have infiltrated our system, schools and culture with a vail of lies and distortions. These distortions distract many uninformed Americans from the true cause of our problems: corruption and incompetence in government.

We need an ‘American Spring’ where our citizens are given the tools, technology, acumen and empowerment to remove our corrupt politicians who thrive on our chaos.

Unless a community of powerful people, with tremendous resources can invade our country’s psyche with a message of hope, help and prosperity, we will have but a dim future.

I believe in the American Dream. I believe it can be found, even if these darker times. But, we cannot depend on our government and its corruption to deliver this message. American businesses and their leaders must both enlighten and save this country before it’s too late.


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