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We live in a country rapidly losing its sovereignty and its soul. Porous borders, freedom-killing regulations and more fierce foreign competition threaten our prosperity, security and culture. 

Trump is not the savior. He may not be the solution. But, his election, or lack thereof, will represent the core of our soul and values.

Trump represents the opposite of current trend of failure. He’s a successful businessman who doesn’t believe in political correctness. His message is clear: ‘our government is corrupt, operated by incompetent people and our media is even worse.’

I agree with him. In the past three to five years, my health care quality has declined, costs have skyrocketed and, in my work/personal life, I've spent most of my time filling out paperwork instead of innovating and creating. As with many Americans, I end each day feeling overwhelmed and underperforming. This choking and meaningless busy work and declining quality of care is the direct result of liberal policies such as ‘Dodd-Frank’ and ‘Obamacare.’

I am not saying Trump will solve these problems. My point is that this is a ‘choice election.’ He represents the future of this country. If he’s elected, the people will have effectively taken our country back from career politicians, corrupt bureaucrats and ‘big-money’ special interests. If he loses, then we have little hope of changing our trajectory of decline, because the people have lost the resolve and the cognition to recognize the challenges that we face.

The only people who win with burdensome regulations and liberal social policy are big corporations and the establishment politicians. They have the legal resources to cheat the system they created at the expense of middle-class Americans and small businesses.

If Clinton wins, there is little chance we’ll ever see an outside, ‘game-changing’ candidate again in our lifetime. This means our corrupt media wins and establishment politics are deeply rooted in our way of life. Cheaters and liars prevail over truth-tellers. This alone is a ‘canary in the coal mine.’

As a result, we will continue to see more burdensome regulations that empower countries like Mexico, China and India to take our jobs. As these nations become more wealthy, they will replace us as innovators and leaders in the World. 

With our porous borders, our biggest import will be poverty. Our country will be unassimilated, more crime-ridden and there will be an increasing degree of civil unrest. Productive talent and minds will become expatriates or will join the corruption in order to afford living the so-called ‘American dream.’ 

Recently, my doctor told me that “I am no longer your doctor, Bryan.” This is because of Obamacare. In order to meet the regulations of Obamacare, insurers must provide less expensive drugs and fewer care options in order to subsidize those who have free health care. 

In a recent experience at the emergency room, I was stunned at how people who were capable of laughing and talking were waiting to see a doctor at 3 a.m/ in the morning.  I was there because of excruciating pain. With no restrictions on abuse, there is no way to contain costs. Americans are collectively losing personal responsibility. ‘If I don’t have to pay for it, I’ll take all I can get.’ This mentality results in politicians bribing voters for votes in exchange for ‘handouts.’

In financial transactions, there is so much fraud and abuse, small business owners spend enormous amounts of time and money completing forms, waiting on security codes, updating passwords and arguing with ‘out of country’ call centers trying to solve basic problems. Over-broad financial and employment regulations by the federal government have created a system of ‘compliance-mentality’ where seemingly no one helps anyone solve problems. We are losing our ability to think and be creative in favor of being compliant to useless regulations.

With open borders, we have imported the struggles of many third-world nations bringing a higher degree of crime and civil unrest. Over 60 million residents of our country struggle with or don’t speak English. This means we are losing our ability to affectively assimilate and communicate with almost one-fifth of our country. As a result, the American dream is being lost because it cannot be understood and valued as it once was. 

Many Americans are becoming lazy. In losing our resolve (collectively) we are ceding control of our future to the world and weakening our position of leadership. Our global leadership has resulted in an era of the most peace the World has ever known. If we continue to put the global economic interests of our allies ahead of our own, we will cease to have the resources to help anyone.  

If voters chose Trump over Clinton, it may not change our path; but there is hope. If voters chose Clinton over Trump, then America as we know it is ‘done.’ The choice of Clinton will mean that the we no longer value our constitutional rights or freedoms, we accept corruption in our government and third-world values have penetrated the core of our soul as a nation.

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