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If This Offends You, I Don't Care!

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Over the last few weeks I've heard the words racist, xenophobia and demagoguery more times than I can count and, frankly, enough for a lifetime.

In Brexit, the voters of Britain who elected to withdraw from the European Union have been called ‘racist’ - the political sales-pitch to appeal those voters has been called xenophobia. Donald Trump has been called ‘racist’ for pointing out the conflict of interest of an hispanic federal judge or the idea of a Middle-Eastern ban on immigration and travel. Even the Red Cross was called ‘racist’ because of a safety poster that showed more black kids in the image under the header “not cool” than white kids.


A few years ago, it would've been racist if all of the kids in the pool were white.  Now, the Red Cross has had to apologize because the poster was racist.  In my view it was lopsided in favor of the white kids, but it was also balanced as far as the distribution.  In other words, some young artist probably was trying to make it balanced and just didn’t realize what he had done.  Oh no!  I just said ‘he’ in stead of ‘she.’ That makes me sexist, right? 

We've lost our ability to candidly communicate and I'm sick of it.  A racist is someone who thinks their race is superior to another. I’ve found zero evidence that Donald Trump feels that way. I'm doubtful the artist who drew the Red Cross poster has those feelings either. Moreover, I’m rather confident that the British decided they don't want Europe controlling their trade, immigration and economy. That's not racism – that's common sense.  It may hurt for a while, but it also makes the British people accountable for their destiny. 

With Trump, I've never agreed with the outright Muslim ban. It's not a religion, race or national origin that is the problem. It's culture that is a problem. He probably misspoke and realizes that he can’t react to the leftist labels as doing so lends credibility to their incompetence. 

There are certain cultural beliefs that simply do not mix in the West. If an American immigrant from Afghanistan believes in Sharia law (abusing women and killing gays for who they are - as an example) those cultural beliefs will never mix in our country. If we allow that individual to immigrate to our nation, they will be unassimilated, unsuccessful and will develop a great deal of resentment or even rage.


As conservatives, it is incumbent upon us to continue to push the narrative that it is not racist nor xenophobic to set cultural standards for which aspiring citizens must meet. We have to understand that as we engage in this debate we will be labeled racist and more by the Left. 

Recently, we learned that the Obama administration’s interpretation of their executive authority is that many immigrants can be granted legal citizenship without having to take the full oath of allegiance to our nation. Based on projections, this means president Obama wants to grant citizenship to as many as 20 million people over the coming years who will not be required to pledge an oath of allegiance to the United States.

Why would we want millions of new Americans who disagree with our culture and way of life?Why do we want these people?  A successful and profitable business does not hire employees who want to change what made them successful and a prosperous country cannot remain prosperous with a group of unpatriotic immigrants who loathe our values.  That’s not racist; it’s called ‘integrity.’

Our immigration shouldn't be based on religion, race or national origin. It should be based on culture. We should not be a refugee camp. Over half of the immigrants to our country are on government assistance. We should be searching the world for educated and/or motivated people who want to produce and add value to our nation in exchange for personal prosperity.


We cannot afford to continue allowing distorted and deviant minds/cultures to populate our country. A psychiatrist can have their patients take a 500-question exam to accurately determine most personality disorders and dispositions. The most prominent test is called the Minnesota-II.  It’s highly regarded and has been an evaluation standard for decades. We should be testing our immigrants accordingly to insure we do not admit deviant psychopaths as citizens. 

The West has fallen prey (Europe and the United States) to political correctness, labels and an outrage-circus when someone suggests that certain people simply don't fit in certain places. If I wouldn’t make a good citizen for Pakistan, why is it unfair to say many immigrants from such a country may need to think twice before coming here?

Radical people are purposefully trying to populate the West in order to destroy our culture and way of life. Until we recognize that fact, we will continue to have an increasing deficit of success, security and personal freedoms that harms tens-of-millions in favor of a few. 

If our top priority is not to preserve our way of life and protect our people, we cannot successfully lead the world toward democracy and peace. We help people, who are the most oppressed by evil regimes, not by bringing them here into cultural turmoil - but by preserving and improving our strengths so we can send aid to them around the World.  We cannot be ‘everything to everybody’ within our own borders.


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