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The world was rocked this past Friday afternoon when the FBI Director James Comey announced he was reopening the investigation of Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate for president. Reaction was swift from all sides of the political spectrum. It was such a dramatic moment that Ms. Clinton actually held what might be called a press conference because she answered three questions from the Press. In my opinion, Comey would not be doing this if he did not have the goods on Clinton and most likely Huma Abedin as well.


We sat riveted to our television on July 5th as Director Comey rattled off charge after charge in the investigation of the Clinton email scandal. I never thought Clinton was going to be indicted though I thought there was ample reason to do so. But as Comey went through the litany of charges I turned to my wife and said “Oh, my God, he is going to recommend criminal charges.” Then came the famous statement that despite a new standard he established as “extremely careless,” he nonetheless stated that “No reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.” I personally know a few.

We soon found out two things. The first being that, in Mr. Comey’s testimony to Congress, he stated that Secretary Clinton had lied to Congress during her testimony. Responding to pointed questions from Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC), Comey answered about the results of his findings that Clinton’s statements to him were in direct conflict with her sworn testimony to Congress. The problem is that Congress can only refer those charges to the Justice Department, which is headed by the hyper-partisan Loretta Lynch. You know Attorney General Lynch who famously met with Mrs. Clinton’s husband on the tarmac and discussed golf and grandchildren just days before the announcement by Comey that he was not going to recommend indictment.

The second thing we know is that a significant number of Comey’s agents were in revolt against his actions. He should have taken the Clinton investigation before a grand jury; he did not. Comey allowed subpoenaed individuals to obtain partial immunity deals and have their devices destroyed. We learned that two of the witnesses, after being given partial immunity, were allowed to represent Clinton in her own testimony. Despite these omissions and questionable behavior, apparently Comey was the only person involved from the FBI who did not want to indict.


Then we hear how Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s wife, who had received almost $700,000 from Clinton’s inner circle – confidant and money man -- Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe -- to run for a state senate seat in Virginia which she lost. In his position as Deputy Director, McCabe oversaw the Clinton investigation. This leads to two questions: What was the wife of the FBI’S Deputy Director doing running for political office in the first place? It smells. Sorry, Dr. McCabe, you lose that right to run for partisan political office if you are married to such an important law enforcement official. Second, does no one on the Democratic side understand that the appearance of conflict of interest is the same as conflict of interest? Or do they think that just applies to Republicans because the Democrats’ cause is so great “the ends justify the means.”

Then the most pathetic soul in American politics, Anthony Weiner, stepped into the picture. How this disgusting person ever became a Congressman is beyond me. The only explanation is New York City. In his resurrection, he was even thinking of running for Mayor of NYC, which may have been an improvement over the current mayor, Leftist Bill de Blasio. Weiner could not help himself and started sexting again, but no one would care if he was not married to the closest confidante of Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin.

Why Clinton had Huma Abedin as her closest confidante in the first place is beyond me. This woman was advising the secretary of state and possibly the next president, yet she has the bad judgment to be married to such a disgusting person. This must bring into question to anyone Abedin’s judgment. It is like being married to drug kingpin, Pablo Escobar. What kind of decision making does she have?


It has now caught Clinton and Abedin in a web of deceit. In searching the devices that Abedin shared with Weiner, the FBI must have discovered emails that were clearly classified. They were sent by Clinton and they were on Abedin’s home device that Weiner had access to in a file next to his pedophilia.

The agents worked this up the chain, Comey realized he had no choice but to let the American people know. Protecting Clinton any more would have caused open revolt and destruction of the agency. He has both Clinton and Abedin dead to rights, and the question is whether Obama will pardon them to hide the stink.

Do I know what is on the electronic devices? No, but it is educated conjecture. I do know this. Robby Mook, Clinton campaign manager, the very same day took down his Twitter feed and every one of his comments with it. We know Abedin is now nowhere to be found and it is questionable whether we will see her again until after the election. We know that if this was a Republican the headlines would be, as columnist Jonah Goldberg stated, “Republican presidential candidate caught in pedophile investigation.”

How can we elect someone that is so obviously legally tarnished? The criminality, the corruption of the Clinton Foundation, the ties to Clinton Inc. from Teneo that was just a funnel to Bill Clinton and the Foundation while taking a cut and hiding it from us. The email illegality is just the thing these corrupt people can be nailed on. Think Al Capone and taxes.


No matter what one thinks of Trump, why would anyone want this circus running our country?

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