From Target to Benghazi

Posted: May 11, 2014 12:01 AM
From Target to Benghazi

Most everyone remembers that the biggest story of last year’s holiday season was not the hottest new toy or the stampeding crowds seeking post-Christmas sales. The biggest story was a computer breach at Target, one of America’s largest retailers that exposed the credit card information of millions of people to despicable hackers.

Gregg Steinhafel resigned as chairman and chief executive some five months after a massive breach. Though it appears he was forced out by his board of directors, it was nice to see someone man-up (if we can use that term in our new sissified America) for a debacle that he oversaw. Steinhafel is neither a computer expert nor is capable of stopping malicious hackers from attacks that happen every day on big businesses and our governmental agencies. But he was in charge and this brought dishonor to his operation. Detailed reports are thin of what actually happened to anyone whose information was exposed, but no one died. Yet it is on his head and he is out of a job.

The first time anyone stated they were taking responsibility for the situation in Benghazi was on October 18, 2012, in Lima, Peru. That is when Mrs. Clinton, then Secretary of State, told CBS news that she was taking responsibility for the death of the four Americans who were serving our country. Mrs. Clinton also stated “No one wants to get answers more than I do.” But what exactly did she do to get answers? If she did something it certainly would be news to me.

In fact, the first time I can trace that she took responsibility for the situation when on American soil was when she appeared in front of the Senate Committee. That hearing occurred on January 23, 2013 -- after the election and after she was out of office. The only citation previous to that was in a recent column by Sally Kohn of CNN who like the rest of the “progressive” press has castigated Republicans for witch hunting Benghazi. Kohn stated Clinton took responsibility four days after the attack, but no one else seems to have heard that one. The remainder of the Clinton’s statement at the hearing was platitudes and obfuscation. Then she made her famous stand whitewashing any attempt to find out about what happened when she stated “What difference at this point does it make.” So much for finding out what happened.

Now the Republicans in the House have appointed a select committee. And the mainstream press still does not want to know what happened. This is despite an email discovered by Judicial Watch which has clearly linked the Administration to the bastardized talking points used by them to attempt to define the aftermath of the killing of the four Americans. In a recent column by Dana Milbank, the Washington Post columnist who attempts to foist himself on America as a moderate, described the newly appointed chair of the select committee as the “showboating second-term Rep. Trey Gowdy, a Tea Party Republican from South Carolina.” The way the mainstream press brands them, soon one can expect interrogations to begin with “Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Tea Party?” Milbank might have also mentioned Gowdy was a federal prosecutor and was the district attorney for the Seventh Judicial Circuit of South Carolina. That may be why he was chosen – he actually knows how to investigate matters like these. Sounds kind of like a Senator from North Carolina who headed a prior investigation by the name of Sam Ervin.

We would still like to know what exactly happened prior to Sept. 11, 2012. The President gets intelligence briefings daily. Did someone say “You know these nut cases we are fighting like to ramp things up around particular noted dates? Maybe we should heighten our security around the world.” Did anyone do anything like that? Did our military increase security in coordination with the State Department? What the heck was our Ambassador doing in such an unsecured location on the anniversary of 9/11? And what exactly did the military and State Department do to protect our people in other countries that were in danger after what happened in Benghazi? There are many more questions which are all legitimate.

The question remains: who exactly screwed this up? Why did people from the Administration, the Defense Department and the State Department not get fired? The reason appears to be they were all too busy watching a video and arresting the poor schmuck who made it. They were all too busy making up bizarre statements to cover their derrieres. Gregg Steinhafel has paid the price; so far only four devoted Americans have and they are dead.