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2010 Race of the Day: Rocky Mountain Red

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After winning his competitive primary this week, Ryan Frazier will face off incumbent Democrat Ed Perlmutter in November for Colorado’s Seventh Congressional seat.


Standing up to the Perlmutter-Pelosi agenda in November is independent-minded Ryan Frazier, a Navy veteran and current Aurora City Council member. Unlike Perlmutter, Frazier possesses the leadership and vision that Coloradans deserve in Congress. As a member of the non-partisan City Council, Frazier has worked to balance budgets of over $750 million, expand small businesses and eliminate burdensome taxes. As a proud husband and father to three young children, he is committed to building a more prosperous future for Colorado.

Ed Perlmutter has represented the district since 2006 when he rode a Democratic wave to victory. Since elected, Perlmutter has steadfastly supported party boss Nancy Pelosi 98.2 percent of the time.  He has been an avid supporter for the Democrats’ reckless agenda of more spending and fewer jobs which has consequently led to an eight percent unemployment – which has doubled since he was elected.  Not only did Perlmutter support his party’s failed trillion-dollar stimulus and disastrous healthcare law, but he put thousands of Colorado jobs on the line by supporting the cap-and-trade bill which could devastate the oil and gas industry.  With Colorado voters fed up with the Democrat-controlled antics in Washington, Perlmutter will face an uphill battle to November’s midterm elections. To make matters worse for Perlmutter, after supporting his party partisan so frequently, it has become clear to his constituents that his left-leaning views are too extreme for this rural and suburban district in central Colorado. 


This sprawling district is located in central Colorado and covers the northern parts of the Denver metropolitan area, as well as many of its surrounding suburbs and the large rural eastern portion of Adams County. West of Denver, towards the mountains, lays Lakewood and to the east of Denver lies Aurora, a newer city with an increasing population.

As Perlmutter and his Democrat friends’ runaway spending binge threaten Colorado jobs and economic vitality, it is evident that middle-class families can no longer afford him.  Fortunately for Colorado voters, Ryan Frazier offers them a better choice in November.  Frazier has already proven he can balance a budget and offer common-sense ideas that can get the economy back on track and put Coloradans back to work. Faced with a formidable challenger, Ed Perlmutter will likely be among the many Democrat casualties of November’s upcoming elections.

Please be sure to check out Colorado’s next Congressman, Ryan Frazier’s website and make sure to follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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