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On the libertine left, one of the most revered "social justice warriors" is the abortionist. "Abortion providers" are revered as living statues of liberty, granting the freedom from being "punished with a baby," to quote our current president. Entire documentaries celebrate them.

The latest is "Trapped," named after the pro-abortion lingo for any law that regulates the abortion industry, or as they spin it, "targeted regulation of abortion providers." In the Los Angeles Times, Katie Walsh provided the propagandistic ooze: "These providers embody a remarkable mix of tenacity and tenderness as they comfort patients and attempt to discern and comply with labyrinthine regulations."


This film followed the usual route of an abortion propaganda film. Abortionists receive a standing ovation when the film premieres at the Sundance Film Festival, national newspaper film critics like Walsh overpraise it as "galvanizing and lucid," clips appear in the middle of pro-abortion "comedy" rants on HBO, and it's shown across the country at events by pro-abortion groups like NARAL Pro-Choice America. The cycle ends when it gets a broadcast TV showing on PBS. "Trapped" airs on June 20.

In "Trapped," the abortionists show they have no conscience. They are not only capable of doing anything, but of saying anything that advances their daily horrors.

Dr. Willie Parker, a black abortionist celebrated for bringing the "right to choose" to Mississippi, compares his butchery to Lincoln freeing the slaves: "And as Abraham Lincoln said, when asked why he freed the slaves, he simply said, 'As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master.' So because I would not want to have my rights taken away from me, I will not participate in the tyranny of patriarchy and stand silent."


Texas abortionist Amy Hagstrom Miller is a master at deconstructing the English language. She allows women to "exercise their right to full humanity and dignity. And so a lot of time when people say, 'What kind of work do you do?' obviously the answer is, 'I'm an abortion provider,' but I usually I say I work in the stigma-eradication, self-esteem boosting, identity-examination business."

It's not just stigmas these abortionists are eradicating.

The filmmaker is Dawn Porter, who feels pro-lifers are "terrifying." In an interview with NARAL Pro-Choice America leader Ilyse Hogue for Lena Dunham's online "Lenny Letter," Porter asked: "I remember seeing you interviewed with Charmaine Yoest, the president of Americans United for Life. How do you debate people like that? Did you ever feel like you wanted to hit her?" Hogue said "I don't." Yet, Porter insisted that she gets "really angry, because they seem to have no regard for the truth. Because the people who are often frightened the most are the people who aren't getting a lot of health care access, and they [clinic protesters] are just terrifying to people."

In an interview with Jezebel, Porter could only see "mean-spirited" protesters, while an abortion clinic employee who prayed with a woman procuring an abortion was "very godlike."

Inside Porter's pro-abortion bubble, the abortions are always heroically compassionate. There are no Kermit Gosnells committing live-birth abortions. The women seeking abortions need "access" to their "full humanity." They are never to be morally judged for their actions, no matter how many abortions they acquire. And the fetuses? They are literally invisible in the world, or in Parker's view, they are the fetters of patriarchal slavery.


Porter cannot imagine how easily she can be described in the way she sees her adversaries: rigid, extreme, self-righteous and mean-spirited, ready to take a swing at people who would want to put the brakes on the perpetual abortion machine.

Since Roe v. Wade legalized abortion nationwide in 1973, over 58.5 million fetuses have been killed in the United States by abortionists like these.

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