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  • "Could you tell us how much either you or President Biden hates either Donald Trump or the Republicans?!"

There is the lapdog media, and then there is the tail-wagging, throne-sniffing, boot-licking members of The Associated Press. For the second day in a row, we saw a correspondent in the White House Briefing Room set up a whiffle ball question on a tee for Karine Jean-Pierre to swat with a lengthy and meandering rebuke of the "other" party.

Yesterday – after Joe Biden openly denied that he made a proclamation about the Trans Day of Visibility, despite it being sent by the White House and on the president's Xitter account – the only question on the matter came from Will Weissert, whose question could be paraphrased as: "Could you tell us how horrible the GOP was on this topic?"

Today, Curtis Houk of NewsBusters gives us this gem from Josh Boak, who tries to imply that illegal immigration has been great for unemployment figures…somehow. The people who cannot be measured would be taking work away from those who ARE measured, but Josh feels this is a winning strategy. By our measure, just about 15 million more need to come in illegally, and then unemployment will be completely eliminated!

Body Checking the Fact-Checkers – POLITIFACT

The Babylon Bee came out with a piece on the Baltimore bridge collapse and Pete Buttigieg that was quite on the mark.

You know this blow landed well when the fact-checkers arrived and began lecturing us on how this was not actually funny. Ciara O'Rourke – who is fast becoming our favorite over there – shows up to explain to us what is not funny about this, and possibly why we should feel bad for laughing at it in the first place.

Race to the Bottom – THE ATLANTIC

As the NCAA women's basketball tournament continues, Caitlin Clark has drawn a significant amount of attention as she sees her team performing well. This bothers Jemele Hill because Clark is white. So Hill has to lash out and claim that it is all undue attention, and this represents a racial problem in the sport – because this is Jemele Hill, so of course it does.

Small matter that Clark has taken Iowa to the Final Four, and is the all-time leading scorer in women's basketball. Nah…it is all because she is a white woman.

Pounce of Prevention – DETROIT NEWS

Once again, a serious crime was committed by an illegal immigrant. And, once again, the worst part is that some Republicans noticed it! Uh…probably…

Chad Livengood has a column concerning an illegal who shot and killed a Grand Rapids woman, then dumped her body on the highway and took off in her vehicle. Correction: He has a column about what he believes the GOP is going to do with this information:

The alleged gruesome details …will almost assuredly be rolled up into TV, print and digital ads and marketed to voters in Grand Rapids suburbs.

So sure, there was a brutal murder and the woman was crudely tossed aside on a busy roadway – but the real crime is the Republicans MIGHT use this to make Biden, the Democrats, and the border policy look bad! 

Maybe they need to pass a law that Republicans are barred from noticing when laws get broken…

Low-Octane Gaslighting – PAGE SIX

Once again, an entertainment writer covers the new Beyoncé country album, and once again, the facts are secondary to the issue. This time, Nicholas Hautman declares that Beyoncé's new album is saving country music. He declares that Country music is a "dying genre," and in his opening sentence, declares the music is on life support. Meh – who needs to do research, when you are convinced something is just so?!

Answer: Nick Hautman.

We here at RFTH have pointed out recently how Country last summer logged the three top positions on the national singles chart one week. Then there is a small matter of Country enjoying explosive download popularity last year, seeing a more than 20% jump, and tying pop music as the most listened-to style with fans.

But sure, okay – "life support"...


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