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Democrats Never Do What They Are Currently Doing, and It Is Trump’s Fault His Indictment Is So Flimsy

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Low Octane Gas Lighting – MSNBC

  • That thing you say never happens? Um, yeah, it’s happening right now.

The snap decisions by journalists to just lash out, without regard for verification or research, is always a source of amusement. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is one of the names that provokes these reactions. While sometimes her comments warrant reprisals, at the same time, it does not mean automatic outrage is the proper course – otherwise, you trap yourself.

One case of becoming ensnared is seen with Mehdi Hasan, who saw MTG’s comments about New York City smelling bad, along with other criticisms, leaping to absolutes: No Democrat would travel to a red enclave and speak in this fashion!

Making this not only patently incorrect but hilarious is Hasan making this claim while Gavin Newsom was touring the state of Florida (for whatever reason) and declaring, “I’m crawling out of my skin for you,” because of how horrible conditions are in this state. 

Presentation Paradox – THE NEW YORK TIMES

The indictment brought up against Donald Trump is already falling apart as more news outlets are forced to look at things objectively and detail how this is a complete farce.

The New York Times has a guest essay from a law professor who shreds the entirety of this case, detailing the extension flaws and showing how this will likely be tossed at some level. BUT…

Curiously, there is little blame assessed toward Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. That is not to say there was no blame to hand out. It turns out the man being accused is also responsible for the miscarriage of justice being exacted upon him:

This legal embarrassment reveals new layers of Trumpian damage to the legal foundations of the United States: Mr. Trump’s opponents react to his provocations and norms violations by escalating and accelerating the erosion of legal norms.

Low Octane Gas Lighting – CNN

  • Disrupting the democratic process in the name of preserving democracy.

As we detailed a couple of times, a mob stormed the state capitol in Tennessee last week. Yesterday, PolitiFact called Laura Ingraham a liar because she said protestors took over the podium on the House floor. In accuracy, it was three House members who joined the protest…and then took over the podium with signs and a bullhorn.

CNN hosted one of these representatives/protesters – Justin Jones – and he expressed his outrage and dismay that he was actually being punished for violating the House rules that day. The three have had committee assignments stripped, and they all face an expulsion vote:

And so this is not just about losing that job. It’s about silencing the voices of over 70,000 people in my district. Altogether, the three of us represent over 200,000 people whose voices are being taken and silenced by a party that is acting like authoritarians. It’s very concerning and it represents a clear and present danger to democracy across this nation that should trouble us all.

This was a sympathetic interview, where he could expound on his plight with little challenge. Understand – it is a threat to our democracy if he becomes punished for the time he was interrupting the democratic process.

Both Kinds of Standards – PROPUBLICA

As we have covered, one of the knee-jerk defenses against the criticism of Alvin Bragg being backed in his campaign by George Soros is that this accusation is rooted purely in racism. It was in the last column when I mentioned how Andrea Mitchell stating this kind of talk was racist would end up affecting the comments from the press someday.

It took one day.

ProPublica has come out with a new investigation looking into money influence and the possible corruption it could bring. Now let us note, if mentioning Bragg was getting backing from a billionaire is a racist move, then the outlet exploring Justice Clarence Thomas receiving gifts from a billionaire friend of his must also be racist. Just playing by your rules, folks.

News Avoidance Syndrome – VARIOUS OUTLETS

  • It seems the new tradition is not following the tradition.

A new approval poll from CNN shows President Jose Biden is severely facing disapproval metrics from the voting public. On just about every issue, Biden’s approval is well below his positives. Only about one-third of Americans look for him to be reelected. Yikes.

What is notable, however, is that the press is not nearly as energetic in reporting on approval figures as it used to show.

News outlets back in the day used to almost pump out these results on a weekly basis. That was a standard going all the way back to the last presidency.


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