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CNN Has Another Sex Scandal

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Democratic Custodial Services – WALL STREET JOURNAL

We are going to go ahead and assume this headline was written with a tone of irony, maybe? Otherwise, this straightforward piece on all of the morning repast items that are seeing hikes in prices and then informing us that it would be best to simply skip eating takes on a rather grim character.

When food becomes something to consider being a splurge item, we need to reassess what is going on.

Reporting On The Mirror – CNN

Let's just reflect for a moment on how the press – and CNN in particular – have treated the workplace sex scandals taking place at Fox News. Those instances were grist for banner headlines, pundit think pieces, and even were the basis of film screenplays. 

Yet, as CNN manages to display as much of a workplace sexual harassment issue in a much shorter timeframe, there is little in the way of equal coverage.

In a little over a year, we have seen two pedophile instances leading to dismissals, deposed anchor Chris Cuomo facing allegations, and of course, former CEO Jeff Zucker and his paramour both sent away for their workplace relationship.

Now comes another, with longtime Jake Tapper executive producer Frederico Quadrani being let go for having an affair with a subordinate at the network. The married Quadrani has worked with Tapper for a decade, and irony abounds as he was formerly at NBC but came over to CNN with Jeff Zucker in 2013.

Both Kinds Of Standards – POLITICO

Once again, we have a case of a Republican candidate enduring a forensic study on their background and biography, the likes of which we rarely see being applied to Democrats. And for some reason, it always appears to take place regarding POC politicians. Huh. In this latest case, it is Nikki Haley being examined following her recent announcement that she will run for the presidency. Politico steps in to look over her past and declares that her biography seems to involve a "complicated racial dance."

Following in the path of those who insinuate that Haley seeks to downplay her ethnicity because she does not use her birth name, Nimrata (she uses her middle birth name and has since childhood), Politico comes up with a scathing controversy from her past: On a voter registration, she once checked off that she was "white!"

  • "In 2001, for example, Nikki Haley reportedly listed her race as 'white' on her voter registration card, and never publicly explained why." 

This is amazing. In this era, when the press lectures on how we need to honor how a 275-pound pipe fitter with a beard self-identifies as a "woman," it is acceptable for the press to impugn a woman of Indian extraction for identifying accurately as an Indian-American. 

Legalized Press-titution – ASSOCIATED PRESS

Look, for all the talk of Fox News having been in the tank for Donald Trump in the day (and they were), it would be hard to come up with examples of this level of slavish devotion, as seen by Josh Boak. For this piece, Boak gives a completely fulsome, swooning bit of coverage of Biden's performance and frosts this chiffon with a pleading on why the rest of the voters cannot grasp Jose Biden's magnificence.

  • "A president known to commiserate with grieving families and offer to phone children who want puppies — is a reflection of how people judge leaders through a rigidly partisan lens. About 9 in 10 Republicans say Biden is indifferent to them; roughly that many Democrats see him as empathetic."
  • Biden tries to put himself in the scuffed shoes of a worker and asks Ivy League-educated aides to do the same. He repeatedly tells them that real people must be able to easily apply for the government resources being created for them.

I hope Josh enjoyed a cigarette after that performance. Meanwhile, I need to go shower (shudder).


In Canada, they have a mounting issue of a faction of the country rallying for a cause. It seems there is a growing number of people protesting for more freedom from government tyranny, and this is deemed to be a problem by the CBC.

The outlet spoke with experts, who got to the bottom of the use of this dastardly word and explained the nefarious nature of this word.

  • "For many, freedom is a malleable term — one that's open to interpretation. That flexibility, in part, has fuelled its growth among certain groups, said Barbara Perry, director of the Centre on Hate, Bias and Extremism at the Oshawa-based Ontario Tech University. 'It is a term that has resonated…. You can define it and understand it and sort of manipulate it in a way that makes sense to you and is useful to you, depending on your perspective.' It's also a term that has thrived among far-right groups, said Perry, one of a number of experts who say the presence of far-right groups in Canada is growing."

If I might be so presumptuous and try to help out the experts here: If you are in the position that "freedom" is being weaponized and those people who oppose government overreach are in the wrong, this means that you are taking the stance that government overreach is a good thing. It also means you are very bothered by the definition of "freedom."


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