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AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File

It seems bad optics is a Democrat brand, as Queen Nancy displays the height of privilege. 

The visuals alone would be impressively bad, based alone on the years of racial identity politics being played by Democrats. But once you layer in the politicization of the pandemic for over a year, and the way this past month you have heard from Democrats and media figures about how Republicans are actively trying to kill their own citizens, things appear even more outlandish.


It is hardly breaking news when Democrats display double standards, but even by their own recidivist standards, the outbreak of Covid and the ensuing lockdown mandates from politicians managed to deliver even more glaring hypocrisies. The examples seemed endless, from Gavin Newsom dining with doctors as he shuttered restaurants to Austin's Mayor Steve Adler telling Texans to remain home from his vacation in Cabo San Lucas to Gretchen Whitmer banning travel and blaming Florida for her state's outbreak as she then took a Spring Break trip to West Palm Beach

Nancy Pelosi has been no different. The leader of the Hypocrisy Party has had her share of conflicting episodes. There was her beauty salon visit at the height of California lockdowns to her recently recorded video in May where she was seen maskless in a crowd, and then in July, she repeatedly was filmed removing her mask following her edict to fine congressional members who are not covered up. Now comes a more glaring sign of duality of standards.

Ken Vogel of The New York Times linked to this video from a California fundraiser held this weekend. The Napa Valley event was a DCCC fundraiser to collect donations to aid vulnerable party seats for next year's midterm election. 

This posh Sunday Brunch had various price levels, from a $100 ticket for the rabble to a $10,000 "Host" status and a $29,000 "Chair" attendance – money well spent for a mere one-hour event. Next, let us note the near monochromatic nature of the attendees. Not that the race of the donors is of vital import here, but because, as we know, it is the Democrats who love to castigate conservative gatherings that are flush with rich white people.


Now, we need to move on to the unadorned nature of these ashen faces we see in the video clip. Nary a safety mask is to be seen as Nancy Antoinette is addressing them. Correction; few masks are seen on the untinted donors. The notably hued-enhanced service staff are all required to have masks. My, is this not a poor dose of optics – the privileged white upper crust elites get to flaunt the mask safety protocols while the POC servers are relegated to covering up?

Once again, Nancy Pelosi shows us just what a difficult time she has adhering to the safety mask mandates...which she forcibly foists on so many others. That is one of the great things about being a Democratic politician – you are always blessed with twice as many standards as everyone else! 

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