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In a year of perpetual upheaval in our cities, including current disruptions in Philadelphia, the main players on the left feel like the subject of riots has become so commonplace now that they are practically a campaign item. What had once been a headline-hogging subject has become something more like a fungible political topic, and the destruction of urban centers is now a campaign strategy item.


The comedy commences when Wolf Blitzer of CNN commented on social media how sad it was to see the appearance of businesses in the Washington D.C. area boarding up their shops ahead of the election. He also mentioned this taking place in New York, and Los Angeles. This is an almost quaint dose of obliviousness, given it is his network that has worked on overlooking the violence seen throughout the Spring and Summer months, by declaring war-zone vistas in our cities as "mostly peaceful" settings. 

Joining Wolf in this dismay was his compatriot at the network, Brian Stelter. On his Sunday broadcast of Reliable Sources, Stelter broached the topic to his guests, allowing them to run wild with speculation about how this was all the fault of President Trump.

Now while Stelter did give brief thought to the possibility that this could be seen following a Biden loss, Stelter and the guests allude to the threat coming from Donald Trump supposedly undermining the integrity of the election, with Brian stipulating there is "fear of unrest in the event of a Trump loss." This is gaslighting of the highest order, based on just two influences; the long months of episodes of rioting across the country, and the lack of these riots being instigated by Trump supporters. Note that DC, NY and LA are Democratic Party enclaves. These business owners have seen what the followers of that party can do.

This impotent claim of impending violence arriving at the hands of a distempered Trump faction fails due to other key factors that these pundits are hoping the public will ignore. For all of their hand-wringing over Trump’s declarations, what they intentionally avoid are the Democrats saying the exact same things. Hillary Clinton herself - no stranger to challenging election results - has urged Joe Biden to not concede defeat, "under any circumstances."


Her rationale for this directive is that there will be efforts made by the GOP to undermine or invalidate aspects of the mail-in vote or other components of the election tabulation. In other words, she is saying the exact things these guests of Stelter’s had declared outlandish for the president to suggest, that she is undermining the integrity of the election. To say this is classic projection by those on the left is basically a redundancy at this stage.

We have been witnessing a regular lineup of voices who have come forward and all but threatened to destroy this country, via riots and other methods, should Biden fail to win. None other than Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been influential in encouraging the behavior. Early this year, following the first round of riots in Minneapolis, Harris was taking part in the crowd-source efforts to pay the bail of those arrested for the social violence they exacted in that city.

For months Biden had been basically muted on the issue, with many in the press cheering on the riots, that is until late in the summer when polling results began to reveal the problems. The general public was showing blatant opposition to all of the dramatics taking place in the streets, and overnight the press and Biden suddenly became champions of peace and calm. Now, they regard an election loss as a "too late" scenario, so why not get out and riot anew, to show the discord for Trump?!


Hillary has already paved this course as it stands. Despite the denials made by some in the press, there was rioting in the streets following the Trump victory in 2016. Petulant Democrats, oftentimes led by celebrities, took to the streets to express their dismay over the election result, with violence and looting even taking place in some areas. Just recall, these violent outbursts were taking place before Trump was even inaugurated. To suggest that he somehow inspired this reaction is laughable.

It is also precious to watch the concern for the integrity of elections coming from those who have pledged that Trump is NOT their president, have spent four years as a member of The Resistance, and spending all of this time perpetually lobbying to end the Electoral College. Somehow Trump questioning the process of a new voting method involving the post office is unthinkably out of bounds, but years of impugning our constitutional process is not somehow a threat.

Pretending that Trump backers, a number of whom have perished at the hands of leftist reactionaries this year, are the ones who will possibly rise up in violence is also risible. There is an organization already established, dubbed Shutdown DC, which has a scheduled rally and other activities taking place this week. The intent is clear; muddle the results and react accordingly if they do not get their desired result. 

"ShutDownDC is preparing for the worst; the group has scaled up a citizen mobilization to be able to respond quickly to the Trump administration’s attempts to disrupt the vote count in the days following November 3rd.’’


So understand, it is the groups who are planning to take to the streets in opposition to an impending result who are preemptively blaming Trump for the social disruptions they have already planned to take place. The concerns are almost worth a dismissive laugh, were they not so disturbing and already established in this lengthy year of ongoing hysteria.  

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