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Barack Obama has a problem with numbers.  Sometimes he just gets them wrong, and sometimes the numbers aren't very nice to him.

Take for example the claim Obama made in Denver last week that he has fulfilled "about 60 percent" of his campaign promises.  It turns out that is overstated by twice. 

The watchdog group says that a more accurate number is 30 percent, and even when given credit for partial completion of some of his 506 campaign promises, the number only rises to 39 percent.  But, then given the nature of most everything Obama said he would do as President, we're happy if he accomplishes less rather than more of his agenda.

Then there is the numbers problem Obama has with his signature legislative issue, ObamaCare – increasingly people just don't like it. 

The Kaiser Foundation has long been tracking public opinion for the ObamaCare and has found that support continues to deteriorate.  The latest results show just 34 percent of Americans support the legislation while 51 percent are opposed – an all-time low.  Even among Democrats, barely half favor ObamaCare and by a margin of 2:1 Democrats believe the massive takeover of healthcare will not improve their personal situation. 

In addition, 3 out of 4 Americans believe Obama has the country on the wrong track.  A growing majority of voters disapprove of the job he's doing, and Gallup says he loses his bid for re-election 46:38 to an unnamed GOP opponent. 

Numbers like these might not be good news for Obama, but they give the rest of us hope for a change in November 2012.  

More Obama numbers courtesy the GOP:

  • $26.2 Trillion:   Projected Federal Debt In 2020 Due To Obama’s Binge Spending. (OMB, 7/23/10)

    $13.6 Trillion:   Current National Debt. (U.S. Treasury Department, Accessed 10/19/10)

    $8.5 Trillion:     Cumulative Deficits Caused By President Obama’s Proposed Budget, FY2011-2020. (OMB, 7/23/10)

    $3.9 Trillion:     Total Cost Of The Democrats’ Tax Hike To Taxpayers. (Joint Committee On Taxation, 8/6/10)

    $3.0 Trillion:     Amount Added To The National Debt Since Obama Took Office. (U.S. Treasury Department, Accessed 10/19/10)

    $2.5 Trillion:     True Cost Of ObamaCare Once Fully Implemented. (Sen. Max Baucus, Floor Remarks, 12/2/09)

    $1.42 Trillion:   Federal Budget Deficit For FY2009 – Highest In U.S. History. (Congressional Budget Office, 10/7/10)

    $1.29 Trillion:   Federal Budget Deficit For FY2010 – Second Highest In U.S. History. (Congressional Budget Office, 10/7/10)

    $868.4 Billion:  American Debt Held By China. (U.S. Treasury Department, Accessed 10/19/10)

    $831 Billion:     Net Interest Payment On Our National Debt In 2020 Due To Obama’s Budget. (OMB, 7/23/10)

    $814 Billion:     Price Tag Of Obama’s Failed Stimulus. (Bloomberg, 8/20/10)

    $575 Billion:     Amount Of Medicare Cuts In ObamaCare. (CMS Chief Actuary Richard S. Foster, Memo, 4/22/10)

    $569.2 Billion:  Amount Of Taxes In ObamaCare. (Letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, 3/18/10)

    $10 Billion:      The Cost Of The Teacher Union Bailout. (The Washington Post, 10/8/10)

    $54 Million:      Amount Of Stimulus Funds Spent On A Napa Valley Wine Train. (ABC News’ “Good Morning America,” 2/2/10)

    41.8 Million:     Number Of Americans Receiving Food Stamps. (Bloomberg, 10/5/10)

    40 Million:        Number Of Businesses That Will Be Burdened By The Onerous IRS 1099 Requirement. (The Washington Post, 8/29/10)

    $18 Million:      Cost Of The Stimulus Website (ABC News’ “The Note“ Blog, 7/8/09)

    14.8 Million:     Unemployed Americans. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 10/8/10)

    9.5 Million:       Americans Working Part-Time For Economic Reasons. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 10/8/10)

    6.1 Million:       Americans Unemployed For Longer Than 27 Weeks. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 10/8/10)

    5.4 Million:       Number Of Properties Receiving Foreclosure Filings Since Obama Took Office. (RealtyTrac, Accessed 10/19/10)

    3.8 Million:       Increase In the Number Of People Who Were In Poverty In 2009 Over 2008. (NPR, 9/16/10)

    2.6 Million:       Jobs Lost Since Stimulus Was Passed. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 10/8/10)

    2.3 Million:       Private Sector Jobs Lost Since Stimulus Was Passed. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 10/8/10)

    1.2 Million:       Americans That Have Given Up Looking For Work. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 10/8/10)

    964,900:            Number Of Jobs That Could Be Lost Per Year Under Cap And Trade. (Tax Foundation, 3/09)

    89,000:             The Number Of Stimulus Checks Sent to Dead Or Incarcerated People. (The Wall Street Journal's Washington Wire" Blog, 10/7/10)

    $43,000:            Your Share Of The National Debt. (“The Daily History Of The Debt Results,” TreasuryDirect, Accessed 10/19/10; U.S. Census Bureau,, Accessed 10/19/10)

    23,000:             The Number Of Jobs Obama Knew His Drilling Moratorium Could Kill. (The Wall Street Journal, 8/21/10)

    22,000:             Number Of Seniors In MA, NH And ME That Will Lose Their Medicare Advantage Plans As A Result Of ObamaCare. (The Boston Globe, 9/28/10)

    $1,761:             Cost To American Families Per Year As A Result Of Cap And Trade. (CBS News' "Taking Liberties" Blog, 9/16/09)

    $1,540:             The Amount Of The Tax Hike The Average Middle Class Family Will See As A Result Of The Dems’ Tax Hike. (Tax Foundation, 8/1/10)

    1099:                The IRS Form Every Business Will Have To File After Doing $600 Worth Of Business With A Vendor. (, 5/5/10)

    100:                  Percent Of GDP That Our National Debt Will Rise To In 2012. (Office Of Management And Budget, 7/23/10)

    83:                    Number Of Fundraisers Obama Has Attended As Of 10/12/10. (CBS News' Mark Knoller’s Twitter Feed, Accessed 10/19/10; CBS News, 8/16/10)

    80:                    Percent Of Small Businesses That Could Be Forced To Change Health Care Plans As A Result Of ObamaCare. (The Washington Post, 6/15/10)

    79:                    Percent Of Stimulus Funds For Wind, Solar And Geothermal Energy Projects That Went To Foreign Firms. (Investigating Reporting Workshop/ABC’s World News Tonight/Watchdog Institute, 2/8/10)

    68:                    Percent Of Americans Who Think The Stimulus Was A Waste. (The Hill's “Briefing Room” Blog, 10/5/10)

    60:                    The Percent Of Young Voters Who Are “More Cynical About Politics” Now Than When Obama Was Elected. (The Huffington Post, 9/15/10)

    58:                    Percent Of Ohioans Who Say Obama’s Frequent Visits To The State Make No Difference In How They’ll Vote. (The Hill, 10/19/10)

    53:                    Rounds Of Golf Played By President Obama Since Taking Office. (CBS News' Mark Knoller’s Twitter Feed, Accessed 10/19/10; CBS News' Mark Knoller’s Twitter Feed, Accessed 10/19/10 )

    49:                    Visits To The White House By Andy Stern, Former President Of SEIU. (, Accessed 10/19/10)

    37:                    Number Of Town Halls Obama Has Done Since Taking Office. (CBS News’ Mark Knoller’s Twitter Feed, Accessed 10/19/10)

    33.3:                 Average Number Of Weeks It Takes An Unemployed Worker To Find A Job. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 10/8/10)

    30:                    Number Of Waivers Granted To Businesses So That The White House Could Avoid Admitting ObamaCare Was Making People Lose Their Health Care Plans. (USA Today, 10/7/10)

    27:                    Percent Increase In Premiums By Some Insurers In Colorado As A Result Of ObamaCare. (The Denver Post, 9/20/10)

    25:                    DVDs Given To The UK’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown On His First Visit. (The Daily Mail (UK), 3/9/10)

    20:                    Straight Months That Food Stamp Participation Has Hit A Record. (Bloomberg, 10/5/10)

    17.1:                 Percent Of Americans Either Unemployed Or Working Part-Time For Economic Reasons. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 10/8/10)

    14:                    Straight Months With Unemployment Above 9.5%. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, 10/8/10)

    9:                     Number Of Vacations Taken By President Obama. (CBS News, 8/19/10)

    4:                     Out Of 10 Likely Voters Who Once Backed Obama But Are Less Supportive Or No Longer Support Obama.  (Bloomberg, 10/12/10)

    2:                     Place In The Line Of Succession That Joe Biden Believes He Is In (Hint: He’s #1). (CBS News’ Mark Knoller’s Twitter Feed, Accessed 10/19/10)

    2:                     Visits To The White House By Actor George Clooney. (E! Online, 10/12/10)

    1:                     Number Of White House Investigations. (CBS News, 10/6/10)

    1:                     Teacher Union Bailout To Motivate Teacher Unions For Midterm Elections. (The Washington Post, 10/8/10)

    0:                     Other People Obama Will Have Left To Blame For His Failures In 2012. (The American People, 11/6/12)

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