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I worked at one of the Big Four accounting firms until two years ago when I retired early.  I could see what was coming when they began to push a new program called D&I – Diversity and Inclusiveness.  


For those of you who have not endured this, it is an intriguing blend of CRT laced heavily with an attempt to implement quotas in the workplace.  Many companies have hired high priced talent to head up their D&I programs. Mandatory training is the initial thrust of these efforts.  You are forced to sit down and talk about your racial and sexual biases, whether you have them or not.  In fact, if you don’t have them, that often means you have them but are in utter denial.

Sound familiar?

The concept stems from the notion that if you promote, advance, and have highly diverse teams, you get a better quality product.  So, if you have a team working on a project, you need to have a ‘good balance’ of men, women, gays, trans, etc., and people from different cultures.  Where a decade ago we were told, “You should just put the best people on the job, regardless of their backgrounds,” now the mantra is, “You need to look at all of their factors, starting with races and sex, and base your decisions for staffing around that.”  The myth they sell is that if you do that, you will produce a better product.  So even if you know people who can get the job done perfectly, and do it fast, if they are not of the right mix, you can’t include them on your teams. Even on the surface it seems like you are making work take longer and potentially not be as good…but that is contrary to D&I so it is glossed over.  


Of course, none of this is proven. A search for peer-reviewed scientific studies to define better quality through diversity doesn’t yield any that validate the premise.   There are plenty of anecdotal stories out there, usually plastered on webpages that offer their services for teaching D&I, but the reality is that the results are often quite elusive.   D&I is all about feelings rather than facts. Their touted successes are often testimonials of people who feel they really contributed to a team, rather than hard data about improvements of quality.  

And if you raise this point during the indoctrination sessions, be prepared to be labeled as biased, or worse.  The phrase that came up during one of my discussions around this was that my thinking was, and I quote, “Pale, male, and stale.”  As you can see, inclusivity is about everyone else.

Many employees who question this new corporate bandwagon simply opt to keep their mouths shut and privately bide their time for leadership to move onto the next bright shiny object.  In the meantime, D&I runs amok, spreading the lies of its great accomplishments.

D&I pushes for more non-white-male people to be promoted as well. In other words, if you are a white male who has excelled, you could be passed up for promotion for someone else simply based on their sexual orientation, race, or some other factor.   It is a system of quotas being stealthed into the workplace and implemented under the guise of being ‘inclusive.’ D&I programs, which center themselves on being fair, are anything but. The truly sneaky part is that that the left has managed to pull this off, right under everyone’s collective noses, and no one has called them out on it.  


What D&I really is, is the left replicating what they have done in colleges and universities at the corporate level.  They are infiltrating companies at the highest levels and forcing these programs down.   Dissenters are pounced upon and will find their careers in jeopardy. It is a lot of training, shoving these concepts down people’s throats, under the guise of being for the greater good. I spoke with a corporate recruiter I know who said that students coming out of college want to make sure that these programs are in place…no doubt so that they can continue their indoctrination in the real world.  

The sad part is that they really don’t care if the programs are successful, only that they are in place.   As a change manager for my last decade of work, I can attest that the worst way to drive a change in corporate culture is training.  Yet with D&I, this is often the heart and soul of the program…countless hours worth of forced learning.  

Eventually there will be lawsuits that stem from all of this, reverse-discrimination cases will be plentiful in the years to come.  The problem is that these programs are entrenched and are extending the indoctrination from college into the real world.


Conservatives need to push back on these programs and call them out for what they are.   

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