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The 22nd amendment to the Constitution says, “No person should be elected to the office of the President more than twice and no person who has held the office of President, or ACTED AS PRESIDENT for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected President shall be elected to the office of the President more than once.”


Hillary always declared that whether it was the Governorship of Arkansas or the Presidency of the United States it was a two for one partnership. Elect one and you get the other, like it or not. One could make the argument that the real 42nd President of the United States was not William Jefferson Clinton but actually Hillary Rodham Clinton.

When it came to appointing key White House officials the decision was always made by Hillary, rubber stamped by Bill. From deputy White House counsel Vince Foster to chief White House counsel Bernard Nussbaum and Head of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Ricki Tigert to Margaret Richardson, Director of the Internal Revenue Service, Hillary’s footprint was indelible. Even when Bill would request one of his own, like Bruce Lindsey, to lead the White House personnel office, Hillary made sure one of her own was an assistant to keep tabs. In this case former Wellesley roommate Jan Pierce was designated.

Hillary made sure that her lifetime of being the “Alpha Male,” in the Clinton relationship, was not going to be put aside for something as meager as the Presidency of the United States.


“New race-and sex-based hiring quotas were instituted at the Department of Defense, the FBI, the State Department, and even local police departments nationwide. Federal air traffic controllers were issued “diversity handbooks” and women firefighters were mandated at the U.S. Forest Service.” Chief Executive Hillary Rodham  was extremely busy.

The nomination for Attorney General of Zoe Baird was all Hillary. It fell a bit short as did the Kimba Wood, a friend of Hillary’s classmate, nomination. However, hearing, through the grapevine, that if Bill was elected  Hillary WOULD APPOINT the first woman Attorney General  in history, Janet Reno threw her hat in the ring. Being a colleague of Hillary’s brother Hugh secured the nomination.

Whether it was Welfare , the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, the North American Free Trade Agreement, or even Health Care reform everything had the indelible footprint of President Clinton, President Hillary Clinton. While all this was happening the other half of the “two for one” was trying to determine what the definition of is, is and survive an impeachment trial.


On the foreign policy front Hillary got her feet wet with U.S. military intrusion in the Bosnia and Kosovo wars. Both were a warm up for her Sec. of State fiascos in Libya, Egypt, Iraq and Syria (to name a few).

In reviewing the 8 years of the Clinton Presidency there can be little doubt as to who ACTED AS PRESIDENT. Thus can she really be elected for a third term legally?

However, since the Constitution has been trashed by the 44th does any of the above really matter? Nor do I think anyone will be discussing (besides yours truly) the role of the 22nd Amendment!

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