Here Comes the Newest Third Party: IHNC

Posted: Apr 21, 2015 12:01 AM

History is filled with third parties. Unsuccessful candidates for President represented The Free Soil, Socialist, Prohibition, Bull Moose, Constitution, Libertarian and Green, just to name a few. Most have a few moments in the sun. Then, however, for lack of money, membership or even philosophy crept silently back into the shadows to remain just an historical footnote. Now comes the IHNC.

Ever since Jay Leno and Jesse Watters took to the streets to interview and identify the main constituents of the newest third party the movement has been building, based on a common thread. Historically, third parties have burned out as their followers have returned to the traditional Democrat and Republican fold and embraced something common to all – habit.

As students graduate from college and high school and the borders welcome more and more immigrants, the ground swell for IHNC will become almost irresistible. Not to mention a multitude of those who already hold with the IHNC philosophy and don’t even realize it.

2016 appears to be a little early to designate a candidate but it would appear all eyes are on 2020.

IHNC conventions will be a thing of the past much like class reunions. All will utilize the newest technology and of course keep up to date on Facebook.

Concerns about repeating third party history are misguided as no amount of accurate education will have an impact on members of the IHNC.

The mathematics of expanding membership are overwhelming and make 2020 a Presidential lock.

A recent poll was conducted which could be the ultimate test for future IHNC membership. A cross section of thousands of citizens when asked how many branches of government there are and please name them responded:

  • 41% of those polled had no idea there were three branches.
  • 62% could not name all three and that would be Judicial, Legislative and Executive.
  • 33% could not even name one.

These are the kind of people a third party can build a foundation upon.

Believing that Jesse Ventura signed the Declaration of Independence or that Arizona became a State after we won the Battle of the Alamo should not be considered as automatic entry into the IHNC.

These percentages are not only astounding but almost awe inspiring. Any political pollster will tell you that 41%, 62% and 33% are numbers to be proud of and a definite foundation that prior third parties could only have dreamt of.

There is no doubt that MSNBC – Liberal – Democrats / FOX – Conservative – Republicans are in their waning days. REALITY TV - ? – IHNC IS THE NEW POWER.