Why Daddy Why?

Posted: Aug 05, 2014 12:01 AM
Why Daddy Why?

India decided to vote no on a significant World Trade Organization’s global reform program. The vote this past week was supposed to be a rubber stamp, however, in the continuing tradition of Secretarys of State Clinton and Kerry, something went amiss. It seems that The 44th President’s policies both domestically and internationally are continuing to come unraveled.

Teddy Roosevelt had his Walk softly and carry a big stick. The 44th has his Because I said so.

The WTO vote was a given. The customs procedure reformed, “trade facilitation”, had already been approved last December in Bali, Indonesia. However the world has changed in these past 8 months. Alliances are being formed and the rationale that Because I said so carries very little weight anymore.

The ineptness, unless by design, continues to drive historic alliances further and further away from the United States and closer and closer to the waiting arms of the new partnership Russia and China.

As Israel continues to press forward with its own war on terror (see the most recent attack in Jerusalem) The 44th was overheard demanding that Prime Minister Netanyahu cease and desist. Apparently the reason he gave the P.M. was Because I said so.

As the Secretary of State (apparently the State of Comatose) travels from hot spot to hot spot, spreading the administration’s philosophy, the world is reminded of what Napoleon Bonaparte once said (loosely interpreted) “Never interfere with an enemy while he’s in the process of destroying himself.”

On the domestic front the President’s polls continue to plummet. Apparently, after almost 6 years, people are waking up to the fact that a college degree guarantees nothing, that because of ZIRP retirement is only a pipe dream and the continuing elimination of the middle class IS something to be feared.

Stop complaining he says. Be happy he orders. Accept everything I say. “Why” we ask. Because I said so.

It would appear that the newly formed alliances from Moscow-Beijing to New Delhi, historic allies from Cairo to Tel Aviv and the American people all have something in common.

When The 44th is asked “Why Daddy Why” and responds Because I said so. The response is growing louder and louder NO!