Cantor’s Undoing

Posted: Jun 12, 2014 12:01 AM
Cantor’s Undoing

Of course he lost! They should all lose! It was never intended to be a lifetime job!

Are these the ramblings of a demented mind or simply the way it should be?

The #2 Republican lost, rightfully so, even though he spent a few million more for re-election than his opponent. Boehner should lose, Pelosi should lose, in fact, every Democrat AND Republican who are incumbents should be defeated. A total house cleaning is in order. Of course, like Cantor they have many millions to spend and will spend it.

As we’ve seen, over the past few years, spending millions or billions or even trillions does not guarantee success. (Just ask the Fed)

These lifetime politicians, in conjunction with our fascist President and the prior idiot, have totally destroyed our economic wellbeing. They have piled debt upon debt. They have continued to involve us in foreign entanglements, all for our own so called best interest. They have funded terrorism both at home and abroad. They have made a mockery of the constitution and the rule of law. They have destroyed the hopes and dreams of millions of Americans who have graduated from college, many forced out of the workplace, and many who relegate retirement to a wistful memory.

Yes, #2 like all the rest got comfortable. Comfortable in the Washington lifestyle. Comfortable in making deals instead of the tough decisions. Comfortable in taking his position for granted and in so doing taking the wellbeing of the country for granted.

#2 is not alone in this. Every one of his colleagues on both sides of the aisle is culpable.

Therefore, Democrats, Republicans, Tea Parties, Liberals, Conservatives, all incumbents should lose. We should start again. However, with a one term limitation.

How refreshing to see a teacher, a businessman, a housewife, or even, God help us a lawyer who takes a sabbatical from their job or lifestyle to come to Washington to do the people’s business and then return home. They would be closer to the people and would make decisions based upon what is in our best interest not theirs. In addition they would not be simply looking toward their next re-election.

Yes, #2 lost and so should all the others. Crazy you say. Really?

Could you or I have done any worse than what we’ve seen from this band of yahoo’s?

I certainly don’t think so and I bet you don’t either.

PS By the way #2 will probably do a write in. These lifetime politicians don’t go quietly into the dark.