Youth Unemployment Hits Home

Posted: Nov 20, 2013 12:01 AM

What happens when the youth of America, namely the 25-and-under crowd, finally wake up? What happens when they ultimately take their eyes off their smartphones, stop texting, and realize that they’ve been had?

It wasn’t that long ago that job fairs were specifically designed for college students, planned events which allowed the opportunity for prospective graduates to learn more about their potential dream career with the company of their choice. Following the job fairs, the students would return to their dorm rooms as they compared the employment offers they had received, while also discussing the companies most likely to be the beneficiary of their services.

If such events are happening today, they are more than likely occurring in Beijing or New Delhi — not in Phoenix, Ann Arbor, or Tallahassee. In fact, the entire U.S. academia-to-job-market structure is completely broken as we once knew it. For every philosophy major looking for a job in their field of study, there are thousands of more college graduates with the very same college degree who are pounding the very same streets. Virtually all areas of study and associated job sectors, from political science to pre-med, are currently overwhelmed with the continuing tide of “indentured” students fresh out of college with degree in hand, as this year’s college graduates will compete head-to-head with not only last year’s graduates, but they’ll also contend with the college graduates from two and three years ago as well.

Shockingly, the current youth unemployment rate in Greece and Spain is over 50%. Apparently, there are not enough Starbucks locations to take up the slack and put wanting labor behind an espresso machine. When American youth start approaching the present-day unemployment levels of their European counterparts, will they too be as docile? Or, will they start to wonder why retirees in their chosen field are not retiring as they question why the professed elite, including Obama’s cronies on the left and right, continue to spew the fabrication that higher education equals job security.

The day could come in America — and it will definitely arrive in Europe — when not having a job means no food, no clothing, and no shelter. And not only for one’s self but also for those who the so-called college graduate is trying to support, specifically their new spouse and young family. What happens when the youth are no longer youth, and their child says to them, “Mommy and daddy, I’m hungry.” Keep in mind that people who’ve been lied to in the past can sometimes be the most dangerous individuals.

However, perhaps that day will never come, as long as the American youth continue to live at home, default on their student loans, and keep on texting.

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