What Next Egypt?

Posted: Nov 27, 2012 12:01 AM

Mubarak must go!  Mubarak must go! 

That’s all we heard from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in early 2011. 

Of course, those words were simply an echo of what her boss was also chanting at the time.  In addition, it seemed the “Sunday morning crowd” was able to find a veteran Senator from the other side of the aisle to join in the Arab revolution fervor so anxiously longed for. 

John McCain, never one to miss a national interview, also chanted “long live the Arab Spring.”  Back then, I said the Middle East was lost if Egypt was lost. 

Yes, Mubarak was corrupt but as the old saying goes, better the devil you know. 

At that point in time, the polls that the politicians love to tout showed a decided advantage for the Muslim Brotherhood, if elections were held. 

Were Clinton and McCain led to believe through high-level information that Mohamed Morsi was just another American-loving Egyptian with his hand out for personal gain, like so many others? 

Fast-forward to the present with Morsi’s most recent constitutional declaration that gives him and the Muslim Brotherhood sweeping power over the judiciary, and that should be more than enough information for both Clinton and McCain to admit they were dead wrong. 

In addition to the T.V. cheerleading, I’m quite certain (and “no” to Chris Matthews because I can’t prove it) that guns, rockets, monies, and even strategies were provided to the so-called pro-democracy freedom fighters. 

Are we truly to believe that we gave the means to a well-entrenched U.S. developed Egyptian war machine to a group we knew absolutely nothing about, or did we? 

The combination of military might, religious fanaticism, and a population that is 40% illiterate is a lethal formula, in and of itself, to be greatly feared. 

Add in the natural hatred of Christians, Jews, and the Western way of life, and you have all the makings for a devastating incendiary situation. 

Was it unpredictable, or is it possible that what is currently happening in Egypt is what Obama wanted to happen all along? 

Either way, both Clinton and McCain should resign immediately for either being stupid enough to not know what would happen, or clever enough to know what would occur. 

Why McCain?  The cheerleading showed bipartisanship, and in fairness, both a Democrat and a Republican should go. 

They must go!  They must go!                      

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