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The Obama Jobs Fairy Tale

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From the mutterings of Barack Obama to the past failed policies of Freddie (Alan) Krueger, it would appear the foundation for the new (same) soon-to-be launched jobs fairy tale is being leaked on a daily basis. 

One recent comment made by the President definitely made me sit up and take notice. 

I’ve heard Obama repeat himself so often that I usually just tune him out, but this time it was very different. 

At a White House ceremony on Tuesday, the President said his proposals would “make it easier for small businesses to hire people.” 

I heard that statement and just shook my head.  In addition to being a columnist, talk show host, author, and CFP, I’m also a small businessman. 

Obviously, given Obama’s extraordinary ability to communicate with the mass, I knew he was talking directly to me. 

I thought back when I hired my most recent employee a few months ago.  I didn’t advertise in the newspaper (no advertising costs), I simply let it be known to current employees that I had a job opening. 

Since I took the verbal communication route, I thought it might be a difficult endeavor, but alas, twenty-one people applied for the job.  No difficulty there. 

Next, I discussed compensation, letting it be known the pay would be slightly better than minimum wage.  I was sure that would create a stumbling block, but no one withdrew their application. 

Then, I stated the required work hours would fluctuate from morning to afternoon and sometimes evening.  I was sure that would be an obstacle to some, but once again, I was wrong. 

In fact, I received eight more resumes.  After that, I dropped the big bomb, and told everyone it was only a part-time job. 

One applicant responded “part-time is better than no time.”  This applicant immediately piqued my curiosity, but ultimately was not hired.  Finally, I stated the job required computer savvy, excellent communication skills, and the ability to work unsupervised. 

It was amazing how all thirty-two applicants (no, my math isn’t wrong, I received three additional applications during the interview process) fulfilled these requirements. 

At long last, I made a decision and hired an applicant who had been working as a teacher’s assistant and held two master’s degrees (education and communication management.) Perfect! 

This experience led me to believe that I needed no help with the hiring process.  No amount of tax credits or incentives would encourage me, or any other small businessman, to hire. 

Don’t put the cart before the horse.  More hiring will occur when business activity increases and sales improve.  Anyone who has run a small business, or any business, understands this simple concept. 

Unfortunately, our President and his advisors seem to get their business experience from a textbook, and therefore, we’ll be stuck with another losing program for the foreseeable future. 

Just think, we had to wait until after Obama’s vacation to hear that! 

Give me a break.

John Ransom | Create Your Badge

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