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“It was a mistake,” they said.

“He has to be more careful with his words,” others chimed in. 

From Democrat and Republican strategists to left and right talk show hosts, Rick Perry’s recent statements regarding Ben Bernanke were not viewed as Presidential. 

However, for many of the voting populous, his comments struck a refreshing chord, succinct and straightforward. 

Remember, I’m the guy who for over 25 years in the media has told you my thoughts in simple and understandable terms.  They say I’m sometimes controversial, but at least you know where I stand, and that’s why I found the candor of Governor Perry’s comments very refreshing. 

One of the major problems in a political campaign, (or for that matter, for any politician at any time), is the unwillingness to answer simple yes-no questions.  Both the media and the politicians have definitely sunk to all-time lows. 

 It has become commonplace for the questioner to have a prepared question and the politician to have a prepared answer.  In most instances, the question and the answer don’t even match. 

In fact, I’ve discussed the two-question rule before, with the questioner asking a question and receiving a crazy answer.  Next, the same question is asked again, and worded somewhat differently; the same answer is given. 

The questioner then says “thank you” and moves on.  Great journalism. 

I guess I shouldn’t get so frustrated since President Obama, when asked about his economic recovery plan, simply launched into a diatribe and said wait until September.  You know, he may be on to something. 

Come to think of it, this may be a whole new tactic for all the Presidential candidates.  Instead of launching into a five minute diatribe that has nothing to do with the question, (which alienates and frustrates potential voters), they should try this new method. 

Simply say, “I’ll get back to you in a month.”  That would solve all the frustration that I and my fellow Americans experience when that yes-no question is asked. 

Example, possible question to Congresswoman Bachmann, “Did you like your picture on the cover of Newsweek magazine, yes or no?” 

Her potential answer: I’ll get back to you in September. 

A probable question to Governor Romney, “Is Obamcare really Romneycare, yes or no?” 

His prospective answer: I’ll get back to you in September. 

Next, “President Obama, do you really tee-off from the ladies tees, yes or no?” 

A likely response: I’ll get back to you……” well, you get the idea. 

Think about it. 

In addition to keeping Rick Perry out of hot water, implementing this new tactic would shorten interviews, eliminate frustration, and probably clarify a lot of important issues.  Maybe not now, but at least in September.  

John Ransom | Create Your Badge

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