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It’s game on for Operation Repeal & Replace if America is to save herself from a disastrous British style healthcare system.

In a stunning decision the U. S. Supreme Court dusted off its reputation of being utterly unpredictable in light of the logic used to validate the Affordable Care Act.

Who would have predicted the conclusions authored by Chief Justice John Roberts, Jr? How did this conservative member of the court join forces with the entire slate of liberals?

Is he, as some are commenting, a principled jurist that was simply calling out the Congress? Was he forcing the President and his allies to come clean and admit the truth? If it walks like a tax, sounds like a tax and looks like a tax it is in fact a tax.

Or did he raise the level of judicial activism to new heights over the Warren court by enacting a tax without Congressional decree?

Unfortunately, this is not the only area of uncertainty facing the rest of us.

If this juggernaut isn’t stopped, healthcare as most of us know it will be lost.

Here is an example of what we can expect.

Just this week I noticed a problem with one of my eyes. Upon researching the symptoms I had a pretty good idea that I a serious issue with my right retina.

It was about 7:45 in the morning and a call was immediately placed to my ophthalmologist. Within a couple minutes the receptionist agreed that I may have a serious problem and she promptly scheduled an appointment for me later that morning at 10:45.

After a thorough examination I indeed had a tear in my retina. By now it was approaching the lunch hour but arrangements were made on the spot to see the retina surgeon.

Within 40 minutes a second exam was being conducted by the retina surgeon, which validated the original findings of my ophthalmologist. After a short waiting period to validate my insurance coverage, outpatient surgery was under way to repair the tear in my retina. By 2:30 the mission was accomplished and the patched up patient was heading home.

Now it’s not exciting news to be forced to take it easy for 3-4 weeks during the peak of a Florida summer. But if that is the worst of my inconvenience it is a price easily paid.

But consider for a moment what my experience would have been say 5 or 10 years down the road with Obamacare?

First, with the shortage of doctors (and more likely to leave the profession if it is not repealed), how many days would it take to get that first appointment? Would I see a doctor or a physician’s assistant? After confirming my torn retina how long would it take to schedule the second appointment with the retina surgeon? Or would I see the surgeon’s assistant first? When would the government authorization come through allowing the procedure?

Do you believe your government will be operating with such great efficiency as to get me right in? Could it take weeks or maybe even months to address my problem? And who knows what additional damage might be incurred to my eye during the extended waiting period.

Now if you think this is an exaggeration check with someone enrolled in the British or Canadian healthcare system. Anyone in those systems can tell you a few facts about waiting times.

In my situation I would have two practical options; wait and take my chances obtaining an appointment or pay cash for the complete procedure.

The simple fact of Obamacare is that those who can afford it will simply pay for their care. Others who cannot won’t be so fortunate.

The system will be an equal opportunity offender.

Here are some other facts to consider.

It may cost you extra to keep your personal doctor. Increasing doctor shortages will extend waiting times. The government will be calling the shots for your healthcare, not your doctor. Your primary doctor better know the rules on how to play the authorization game. You won’t be able to get those PSA tests, mammograms, pap smears, colonoscopy exams and other lifesaving checkups as frequent as you are currently accustomed to.

And if you are an aging Baby Boomer requiring a certain medical procedure; you might be told you are now too old to qualify. Or maybe you have a desire to live a little longer; but a panel of professionals has decide you have lived long enough and it’s time for you to check out.

So if universal healthcare sounds good for you, then step right up.

But for me I will do everything possible to reverse this impending disaster.

There are certainly issues in our healthcare system that need immediate attention. Those issues will only be compounded if Obamacare is not stopped in its tracks.

Join Operation Repeal and Replace. Vote Mitt Romney for President.

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