President Trump Silver Rounds Hit The Market

Posted: Nov 29, 2017 12:01 AM
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A year into the Trump presidency, his supporters are enjoying and noting the improved state of the union under President Donald Trump, including a booming stock market, low unemployment, U.S. factories expanding at a 13 year high, manufacturer confidence at a 20 year high, consumer confidence highest level since December 2000, home builder confidence at a 12 year high and wages rising faster than prices.

Some of the president’s fans are saying it’s not too early to start thinking about naming airports, highways and other public facilities after the 45th President of the United States. While perhaps too early to be discussing inclusion of Trump’s visage on Mount Rushmore, there is talk among the president’s most ardent supporters of placing Trump’s image on the nation’s currency.

According to Section (b) of 31 U.S. Code § 5114, U.S. coins and bills, however, can only feature images of individuals after they are deceased.

The free market has come up with a solution for the demand to see President Trump on the next closest thing to a coin. BGASC.com is offering 1 oz. Donald Trump Silver Rounds by Elemetal Mint. These privately minted Donald Trump Silver Rounds are .999 pure silver bullion that commemorate the 45th President of the United States.

Donald Trump Silver Rounds Make Great Holiday Gifts For MAGA Supporters

Trump silver round front

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Donald Trump Silver Round Highlights

The obverse features the profile of President Trump, right hand in the air presumably capturing the moment he was being sworn into office. The inscriptions read, “Donald J Trump” and “45th President”. The familiar columns of The White House are pictured on the reverse, along with inscriptions, “The White House” and “1 oz 999 AG”. Donald Trump Silver Rounds are not legal tender.

When not at Mar-a-lago or Trump Tower, the president gets his work done in the oval office at the White House as depicted on the reverse of the Donald Trump Silver Round.

Trump silver round reverse- the white house

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For Mega MAGA Supporters, Donald Trump Silver Rounds can be purchased in sealed tubes of 20.

Trump silver round rolls

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The holiday gift that is sure to trigger liberals – Donald Trump Silver Rounds

It’s been reported that the mere sight of Donald Trump Silver Rounds has triggered liberals to the point of screaming at the sky, retreating to safe spaces and even threatening to leave the country.

Trump silver rounds displayed on a table

While Donald Trump Silver Rounds are not legal tender, they are IRA approved.

Order your Donald Trump Silver Rounds today by clicking here.

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