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Romney wins evangelicals in Nev. primary

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CARSON CITY, Nev. (BP) -- A plurality of self-identified evangelicals and born-again Christians voted for Mitt Romney during Saturday's Nevada caucuses, helping him secure his second straight victory in the Republican nomination race.


Romney won 43 percent of those who identify as evangelicals and born-again, with Gingrich capturing 28 percent, Ron Paul 15 percent and Rick Santorum 14 percent, according to a New York Times entrance poll. The data includes evangelicals of all races, a group that comprised 27 percent of the GOP electorate.

Among all Nevada voters, Romney won 50 percent of the vote, Gingrich 21 percent, Paul 19 percent and Santorum 10 percent. According to CNN's tally, Romney now has 99 delegates, Gingrich 33, Paul 15 and Santorum 11.

On Tuesday, Republicans in Minnesota and Colorado will hold their caucuses, while those in Missouri will hold a primary. Polls by Public Policy Polling show Romney and Santorum battling for a win in Minnesota, with Romney leading in Colorado. There have not been any publicly released polls in Missouri.

Compiled by Michael Foust, associate editor of Baptist Press.

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