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Korean churches donate to Japan relief

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RICHMOND, Va. (BP)--A donation of $18,700 for relief work in Japan has been made by the Council of Korean Southern Baptist Churches in America to the International Mission Board.


The donation to support disaster relief ministries in Japan provided through the IMB was presented by the Korean Council's president, Bokhyun Lew, to IMB President Tom Elliff on May 16 in Richmond, Va.

The Korean Council will mark its 30th anniversary June 27-30 at the Dallas-area New Song Church in Carrollton, Texas, one of the nation's largest Southern Baptist churches worshipping in a Korean context.

"We pray to God not to thank Him for 30 years past, but to say, 'Show us the way.' We want to be obedient for what He wants us doing now and in future," said Chongoh Aum, executive director of the Korean Council, a fellowship of about 865 Korean churches in the United States, Canada and South America that are affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. More than 200 Koreans currently serve as missionaries through the International Mission Board.


Elliff is scheduled to address the council during its Tuesday evening session. "It is with great joy and deep humility that I eagerly anticipate sharing with the Council of Korean Southern Baptist Churches in America," Elliff said. "For many years Korean Baptists have impacted the evangelical world in the arenas of prayer, church planting and missions. I look forward to this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude."

Reported by the International Mission Board's communications staff.

Copyright (c) 2011 Southern Baptist Convention, Baptist Press


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