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Baltimore Sun in Your Eyes?

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You think you’ve seen and heard every argument regarding same-sex “marriage,” and then the Baltimore Sun writes an editorial that divorce has now somehow strengthened the case for same-sex “marriage.” The editorial pertained to the recent opinion of Maryland’s highest court in Port v. Cowan that said a same-sex couple with a marriage license from California could acquire a “divorce” in the Maryland courts.


Of course, this case could hardly be considered “litigation” or a bona fide legal dispute. Rather, it was yet another manufactured effort by those looking to redefine marriage by any means necessary, and Maryland’s high court took the bait.

In the case, the two sets of “opposing” lawyers in this legal “dispute” were from Lambda Legal, a national legal same-sex “marriage” advocacy organization, and the National Center for Lesbian Rights. You do the math. In pursuing this same-sex “divorce” in an under-the-radar, clandestine manner, these organizations were attempting to do the same thing they’ve been doing all along—subvert the will of the people regarding the definition of marriage.

Accordingly, the Baltimore Sun wrongly concludes that “the [court] decision would seem to boost the chances that voters will approve the same-sex marriage law . . . .” But the record clearly shows that 32 states have upheld marriage as the union of one man and one woman. This record of state votes began in 1998 and stems through May 2012—a 15-year period where Americans from all over the country have agreed upon marriage.

These votes are from red states and blue states, west coast and east coast, north and south, yet they all share common ground on the most important point—the definition of marriage. What this shows is that marriage crosses all political, ideological, religious, cultural, and geographic boundaries. It is truly a unifying principle within our country.


And throughout the history of these 32 state votes, the voters have often expressed their sovereign will contrary to the decisions of courts, legislatures, and political forces of every variety. That Maryland’s governor, attorney general, General Assembly, and high court all got it wrong doesn’t equate to a November victory for same-sex “marriage.” Rather, it’s likely that the voters of Maryland will continue to follow the marriage heartbeat of America over the last 15 years, and uphold the fact that both halves of humanity are equally important for marriage.

What some can’t seem to grasp is that the mothers of America don’t like being told that they don’t matter or that a child with two fathers is missing nothing. The fathers of America feel the same way. And until the advocates of same-sex “marriage” find a way to convince Americans that husbands and wives, and mothers and fathers, really don’t make a difference, they will never be successful in hiding the hallowed footsteps of diverse cultures and faiths, throughout history and across the globe, who uphold marriage as the ideal.

And when Marylanders uphold marriage in November, they’ll be saying the same thing that Americans just said in a CBS News/New York Times poll—that marriage should remain one man and one woman. In that poll, only 38 percent of Americans said they support same-sex “marriage.” Thus, Americans are married to marriage, the fundamental building block of a healthy, thriving society. This fact hasn’t changed in the 15 years that Americans have been voting on marriage, and no manufactured court ruling is going to change that anytime soon.


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