Debunking Liberal Bias

Posted: Feb 03, 2014 12:15 PM
Debunking Liberal Bias

Many topics of Tuesday night’s ninety-third State of the Union address had conservatives buzzing, some of which were income inequality, gender inequality, and the expansion of government programs.

What is utterly ridiculous is the fact that liberals use racist comments and demeaning pandering to perpetuate inequality, driving a further divide among the American people. Conservatives seek to empower individuals whereas liberals continuously promote government programs that create little to no opportunity for individual empowerment. Overreaching and expanded government programs create a permanent dependent class, one that promises no hope of future economic independence.

It certainly doesn’t help when national media outlets such as MSNBC tweet ignorant and insensitive statements about conservatives hating the new Cheerios ad because it features a biracial family. What ensued afterward was incredible; many conservatives took to twitter and tweeted family photos of their own biracial families to push back against the attack. These pictures were full of love and offered a positive response to the hateful comments. This was a wonderful way to combat liberal bias and to show that conservative ideals and values are ones of equality, compassion, and respect.

Additionally, the fictional “war on women” is one that is constantly driven by liberals as a way to attract women to their ideas. However, it is conservatives who view all individuals as equal regardless of gender or skin color. The next time Left wants to pander to women by addressing income inequality; they should investigate the current White House, where it is reported that women are paid 13% less than their male counterparts. Time and time again liberals objectify and disrespect women by using them to strengthen their platform, which is the real war on women. Whereas, conservatives cherish and recognize the uniqueness of individuality and support ideas that help individuals succeed.

The liberal hypocrisy is never ending. In the State of the Union address President Obama stated, “We believe in the inherent dignity of every human being,” but yet liberals continue to push a radical pro-choice agenda supporting abortion after 20 weeks, when a baby can live outside of the womb. Abortion is in no way life affirming, if this administration wants to claim respect and dignity for every human life, they must start by respecting life in its earliest stages. If Obama truly believes in the inherent dignity of every human being, then he should work with conservatives to advance and enact pro-life measures. How can liberals say that they believe in the inherent dignity of every human being, but yet allow for the murder of the most innocent among us, the unborn?

When will liberals realize that grouping individuals into demographics just for pure pandering purposes is detrimental to our country because it promotes the idea of inequality and divisiveness? The very thing liberals claim to champion, they actually perpetuate and worsen through their ineffective big government policies. Liberals through their own intolerance use outrageous tactics to smear conservatives, but are actually demeaning families, women, and minorities in the process. The more hateful and insidious comments that spew from liberals will only allow conservatives more opportunity to advance their message of equality and individualism in positive ways.