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The Democratic Party has become the new socialist party. What does that say for our nation’s future? House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy could not hold back his outrage at how self-destructive and left-wing the Democratic Party has become. Their rising stars seem more like falling meteors, or like the arrogant Icarus with wax wings rushing toward heights of glory. These younger, brainless socialists didn’t learn much in high school, and they certainly never found out how the myth of Icarus ended. They haven’t lived through the hard times and privations brought on by government mismanagement. A field trip to Venezuela would change their minds about the soul (and stomach) of man under socialism.

Yet this penchant of redistribution of wealth seems to afflict the young—and the rich, mostly because they want the levers of power. Some young idealists have all the money, and they don’t plan on losing any of it. Another part of their grand, secular utopian fantasies rests on the erasure of borders and the promotion of a global, one-world government. Think of John Lennon’s “Imagine”, and the key verse that haunts the rest of the song: 

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people living life in peace

Ignoring the bad grammar, let’s look at the bad political philosophy. Nations are not just God’s idea, but they remain a good idea for individuals of common interests (language, culture, legacy) to assimilate and assign themselves within the grand scheme of things. Borders reduce conflict, just as good fences make good neighbors. Speaking of fences, Colombia has a big beautiful wall keeping out the starving Venezuelans. So does Mexico, Israel, and China. Sorry, sorry socialists: walls work.

The rearing head of the socialist left has no interest in these petty verities, however. They want one world, no borders, no wall, and sanctuary for all. Of course, they chant for these demands while safely nestled in their safe spaces. They have their doors, their walls, and their gated communities bought and paid for by their well-connected moms and dads. They don’t worry about private security, since they have hired guards, too. Then they find out about the rest of us little people, the uneducated masses.

We don’t know what’s in our best interests, so all those rich, well-endowed socialists want to make the world a better place for us—and they will do it by force, even if it means a boot in our faces forever. Does this stark hypocrisy surprise you? Bernie Sanders owns three homes. Millennial Socialist superstar Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez grew up in uber-preppy Westchester County, New York then carpetbagged to the Bronx to take Joe Crowley’s House Seat.  Such is the socialist mindset. Men, women, and society will thrive where equality of results and diffusion of differences becomes the attainable goal—and that means open borders and “Abolish ICE!”.

Of course, these anti-social dreams have wax wings, and they are waxing more precarious by the day. Social media has made it all too easy for the same despised masses young and old to behold what socialist policies do to a country. Open border policies have ruined Europe, and they have destroyed the European Union experiment. That’s one piece of good news—the end of the border-wary European Union. 

There’s more good news despite this open borders-mass migration upheaval, but let’s dispense with the bad news first.

In California, voters will have the choice between wannabe leftist fossil Democratic incumbent Dianne Feinstein (who couldn’t get a water bill passed in Congress), and the uber-leftist state senator Kevin De Leon for United States Senate. The California Democratic Party has embraced every left-wing, open-border, pro-illegal platform imaginable, including the abolition of ICE. And they endorsed De Leon instead of the incumbent: unusual, unprecedented, and unsettling. California has served as a vanguard for left-wing lunacy, in large part because of the massive university systems indoctrinating professional graduates, but also the unimpeded influx of illegal aliens: call it the “porous border to graduate school pipeline." This is America’s future if we don’t take a stand.

Now for the good news.

In Tennessee, the state legislature banned sanctuary cities, which includes state requirements for local jurisdictions to work with ICE. This reform became law without the governor’s signature. It’s a red state, though, so that victory is kind of expected.

It gets better.

In long-time blue state Oregon, concerned citizens collected enough signatures for a statewide initiative to repeal their Sanctuary State law. In spite of the determined left-wing tilt of the state (Oregon hasn’t elected a Republican governor in over three decades), residents are fed up with the illegal immigration lawlessness. They repealed drivers licenses for illegal aliens by initiative in 2014. They will strike down sanctuary state this year, too. 

In Massachusetts, another uber-liberal Commonwealth (or Commie-wealth according to outraged critics), the state legislature passed the annual budget, minus a key talking point among the ravaging left-wing activist base: no sanctuary state provisions. Governor Charlie Baker may have torn down the wall between men and women when it comes to accommodating gender dysphoria, but the lively primary challenge on his right for re-election has forced him to see right on immigration. No sanctuary for illegal aliens in Massachusetts—at least for the time being. This is huge, especially considering that Democrats have a supermajority in Beacon Hill and could have easily overridden a veto.

Even in California, there’s hope. Don Rosenberg, a parent whose son was killed by an illegal alien, is sponsoring another initiative to repeal the sanctuary state law passed by Kevin De Leon, and also repeal drivers licenses for illegal aliens, end the automatic voter-motor law (which has enabled illegals to vote!), and compel cities to comply with ICE detainers. 

Even though open border socialist lunacy has become the rage, it's facing a steady defeat across the country. The Democrats are going hard left but will endure devastating losses on Election Day.

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