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The movie was called “Friday,” a cult classic released 20 years ago. The ghetto stoner self-parody resonates with popular culture to this day, so much so that the movie’s assorted collection of snide asides and catchy hip-hop phrases have worked into our everyday discourse. One of the most famous lines occurs when a perennial mooch named Felicia approaches her two neighbors, played by Chris Tucker and Ice Cube. Why? She wants to borrow Tucker’s car. His response? “Hell No!” followed by an extensive tirade. Ice Cube settles the matter more simply: “Bye Felicia.” No voice raised, no exclamation point, not even “Bye-bye”. Just “Bye, Felicia.”

Ice Cube utters the perfect dismissal, the most subtle yet profound way of ending the degrading conversation. Social media has become the bane of my existence. I like how Fast Company described the two word take-down: “It’s the perfect dismissal. It’s an evergreen burn. It’s a formal refusal to engage with someone who’s beneath contempt.” Today, this is exactly how I feel about Facebook, the CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and the entire left-wing, corporate Silicon Valley phalanx.

Let me explain my first “Bye Felicia” towards Facebook. For the past five years, I have posted my views and ideas on this social media platform. I had to for starters because most newspaper articles online required readers to use Facebook. Fine, I signed up, and for about two years, I shared little to anything. Now that Discus has taken over, who needs Facebook, right?

I got lots of views and shares on Facebook. I saw something, I shared something, and it was fun. And addictive. Marketing expert and motivational speaker Simon Sinek identified the dopamine rush that comes with likes and shares, and how this social media invasion hurts relationships and bonding with others. I was stoned on Facebook, man.

The addiction got worse following Trump’s stellar 2016 victory. Social media, especially with Facebook Live, provided a perfect means for us Trump supporters to rally against the raging Left and put it out there for the world to see. Many of my LA County for Trump teammates are now Internet stars. Rush Limbaugh has featured our efforts against liberal loony town halls. Fox News, NBC, and other major media outlets have featured our members, including photos in local as well as national press.

Working the social media angle turned into a full-time job—without pay! I wanted to write, but the avalanche of friend requests (which required severe vetting to avoid trolls and traps) and the flood of direct messages derailed my focus. I couldn’t keep up.

Then Facebook began censoring and blocking my fellow Trump supporters, even though none of the posts contained defamatory or dangerous messages. Why were we being pulled down? One of my fellow Latinas for Trump reported how Facebook administrators were ignoring some heinous, violent pages, but at the same time wanted to take down my posts. What? Indeed, Facebook had become Fascist-Book, as I had previously reported. I say “Enough.”

I have pulled the plug. I am off the Facebook, or should I write Fascist-Book grid. It’s all good. A private firm is entitled to follow their own rules they choose. Milo acknowledged that Twitter could choose to ban or not ban him, but it was beyond disingenuous for them to advertise themselves as free speech platform, when clearly they are not. Bye Felicia, er … Facebook!

At first, I thought that cutting off the omnipresent platform would stunt my outreach. Not to worry, fellow warrior-conservatives. The growing consensus among conservative media leaders has already determined that if Facebook, Twitter, and other rising social media platforms want to censor and suppress conservative voices, then conservatives can devise their own media platforms, make lots of money, and change the world. has turned into a viable alternative (i.e., I saw the video featuring West Virginia Governor Jim Justice announce his political party switch on). InfinitySN is already in the works. Shuttershot45, an alternative media star who makes other people stars, has argued that Fascist-book’s purge will backfire.

It already has. More leading lights in the Free Speech movement will break away from Fascist-Book. The first major hurdle of the Free Speech wars was won on November 8, 2016. Trump’s Subsequent executive orders and state laws passed will ensure the protection and enhancement of our precious franchise. Everyday people I have met tell me that they cut off Facebook, with no adverse effects.

Now let’s talk about the power behind the Fascist-book throne: Mark Zuckerberg. Conservative guerrilla artist Sabo, the street-art genius who trolled Maxine Waters at her Inglewood town hall, slammed his purported bid for President in 2020 with another poster (see above). An open borders bigot who despises working people, Sucker-berg opened his overwhelming social media phalanx ten years ago, only to drag people away from real life, only to purge conservatives and push destructive policies undermining our rights, liberties, and opportunities. Now he’s hiring Hillary Clinton’s pollster? I don’t need 20-20 vision to see his plans. Please run, Zuck! Drain whatever remains of your censorious, left-wing Democratic Party.

Now let’s talk about Silicon Valley. Who would have thought that the hi-tech industry, so dependent on innovation and free market forces, would work so hard to undermine them? For example, Ebay’s former CEO Meg Whitman endorsed, raised money for Crooked Hillary. Reminder: Meg was the Republican candidate for Governor of California in 2010.

Silicon Valley tech giants have overestimated their influence and underestimated the American People’s outrage. Innovation is more than a two-way street, and conservatives are taking more territory in the culture wars, especially on social media.

You want to suppress us? We won’t use your platform anymore.

Want to run for President, Zucky? Watch us all unfriend you, too.

Want to undermine our country because you made big bucks on Wall Street while mooching off our tax dollars? Watch Main Street rises and take our streets back, winning face-to-face against all the Facebook fascists.

In other words … Bye, Felicia!

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