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Reflections on the UK Special Election: Union, Conservatism, and the Daft Liberal Media

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Conservatism has been on the upswing throughout the world. Nationalism, conservatism’s twin brother policy-wise, has gained as well, from Brexit to Trump’s victory, and also the Netherlands’ Geert Wilder gaining seats for the People’s Party for Freedom.

Does the outcome of a hung parliament following the Unite Kingdom’s snap election signal a slavish reversion back to center-left politics across the globe? Does this less-than-expected outcome mean that Brexit is doomed? Are there any takeaways for the United States and conservatives fighting stateside for more liberty, less globalism, and a restoration of Judeo-Christian biblical values?

First, some background.

Brexit was a world-wide win in June, 2016. A major country signaled its disgust and frustration with the European Union’s undemocratic, anti-Western agenda. Bureaucrats in Brussels had neither right nor privilege to dictate to individual citizens of independent countries what they could and could not do within their own borders. The Islamic migrant crisis, coupled with struggling markets and rising crime, pushed this globalist farce further into an unpopular insanity.

Yet despite the majority of UK voters signaling their desire to depart, Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May faced stifling challenges to trigger the official process to leave the European, not just from the opposition in the House of Commons, but also in the House of Lords and the national judiciary.

On April 18, UK Prime Minister Theresa May called a snap election to shake up anti-Brexit opposition and ensure a smoother, quicker departure from the European Union.

June 8th, the election did not turn out the way that the Tories had intended. May's party lost seats in the turnout, even though they won the most seats over all. 326 seats is required for a bare majority in parliament. As of now, the Tories have retained 318. Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbin is claiming a huge victory, even though his party has not gained a majority, and will very likely fail to form even a strong opposition. The biggest loser? The Scottish Nationalist Party, which lost more seats than the Tories.

The Tories only need to add eight more to get a majority. Prime Minister May has reached out to the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland, which won 10 seats, gaining two from the previous parliament. The DUP has agreed to form a coalition government.

While the media went on about how the Tories got crushed, another story remains untold. Here are the key takeaways from the UK snap election and for the United States:

1. National unity wins, all while global or world-wide regional equality are taking a huge blow.

The consensus among UK voters is for a United Kingdom. The Scottish Nationalists (SNP) lost big in this election. Their poor, yet unexpected, showing suggests they will descend into further irrelevance. Broken dreams remain for an independent Scotland, which failed in one referendum from 2014. Any momentum for another referendum is gone. Welsh nationalists had a very paltry turnout, as well, indicating that British voters want to remain British, while indicating their drive to break away from the life-sucking, sovereignty killing EU.

Indeed, the Democratic Unionist Party has announced their commitment to work with the Tories. In her statement following the election result, DUP Leader Arlene Foster affirmed her party’s commitment to Brexit, as discussions move forward to negotiate the clearest and cleanest departure from the EU.

2. May’s Tory party losses resulted from not being conservative enough, not from a nationwide values shift in the United Kingdom for more liberal policies.

Granted, the Liberal Democratic Party gained three seats, and the Green Party went from zero to one seat. But Lib-Dem leader Nick Clegg, the deputy Prime Minister under Cameron from 2010-2015, lost his seat. The Scottish Nationalists are also liberal-leaning—and their beat-down further proves that liberalism is not making a comeback in the UK.

The Tory “loss” is actually a big win for conservative ideals in general, especially on life and family. The Tories under Cameron’s government pushed gay marriage, and they were dodgy on immigration and abortion, much like liberal, Establishment Republicans across the United States. For May to retain her government, she needs to bring on the Democratic Unionists. They identify as Protestant, but more importantly deeply conservative. They are pro-life and pro-natural marriage. They worked very hard to block passage of gay marriage and abortion laws in parliament. This is great news for plenary conservatives. For the Tories to maintain power, they need to move to the right.

3. The liberal media is hilariously delusional with no chance of recovery or return to direct, objective journalism. From The Guardian to The Telegraph, the headlines read like an upcoming obituary for the Tories. Perspective, please: they lost 12 seats. It’s nothing like the 60 seat shellacking which Democrats suffered in Election 2010.

It is incomprehensible how the Labour Party can claim any kind of victory. Most of their gains came at the expense of third parties, not the conservatives. In fact, the failure of Lib-Dem leader Nick Clegg to hold his seat suggests more of a frustration from voters with the previously ruling conservatives. The left-wing policy agenda is not the highest priority for UK voters.

The British mainstream media’s sheer, blinding arrogance is laughable. Labour leader Corbyn (while holding onto outdated socialist views, attended the wreath-laying on the grave of a Palestinian terrorist) delivered a bizarre victory speech, then called on Theresa May to resign. Whatever, Jeremy. His liberal-socialist counterparts in the United States, the dumb and dying Democratic Party, have the same kind of lemming-like heedless braggadocio.

Republicans, Trump supporters, conservatives of all stripes need to be vigilant. No matter how badly they get beaten, liberal loonies keep striving, just like the silly knight cut up into bits in Monty Python’s “Quest for the Holy Grail.”

Granted, Prime Minister May’s snap election gamble didn’t pay off the way she wanted. For principled nationalists and conservatives, this election is a signal that our values are ascending, not in retreat.

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