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There is a subtle sentiment among Latino Leftists that the United States is stolen, occupied territory.

I face this fight head-on nearly every day in California, where La Raza agents are neither shunned nor locked up, but lauded like Narco-thugs in Mexican corridos. Or worse, they became taxpayer-funded faculty members in public universities. Instead of sitting back and watching this despicable, communistic Reconquista take away our country, We the People Rising have instituted a Reconquista of restoration. American citizens, taking pride in our heritage and charter, are taking California back.


We the People Rising are making waves throughout the nation, even as we fight the La Raza Left and their pro-amnesty phalanx of voter whores, violent advocates, and militant indoctrinators. We attended a planned “Latino and Mexicano Summit” took place at UC Riverside, with a “Who’s Who” of Chicano activists, all dedicated to turning California a deeper hue of blue, then separating California and the rest of the Southwest into a new country labeled “Aztlan.”

It was basically another anti-Trump bashing seminar, filled with disreputable activists and officials, including:

  • Dr. Armando Navarro and Dr. Enrique Murillo: two hard-core anti-American Chicanos. They write textbooks and teach classes openly undermining the legitimacy of the United States. They have returned to the fight to empower “The Brown Giant” to turn California into Mexico, paid with American tax dollars. Please, President Trump, cut the federal funding to California!
  • Mayor Victor Lopez of Orange Cove (Fresno County), Councilwoman Blanca Gomez of Victorville, and Felipe Aguirre, former mayor of Maywood. These officials openly undermine their oaths of office to defend the Constitution. Instead, they outlined steps to “help their people”, i.e. Hispanics, particularly illegal aliens. What about the rest of us Americans?
  • Two consulate officials from Mexico and Guatemala. Foreign diplomats arguing for the dissolution for this country’s laws? Send a letter to Jeff Sessions immediately, and have them declared personae non grata—then deport them.

The keynote speaker for this summit was none other than the corrupt, lawless President Pro Tem of the California State Senate, Kevin De Leon, the same legislator who had excused illegal aliens for stealing Social Security numbers and using fake IDs. He claims to care about Californians of all backgrounds, but he is particularly obsessed with illegal aliens.

And he’s leading the charge to turn California into a sanctuary state—for illegal aliens, of course.

We the People Rising hounded and booed his every lie. We demanded accountability and respect for our nation’s laws, and a return to national supremacy and state sovereignty. At the end of the summit, we “escorted” De Leon out, reminding him who is really in charge in California. Rest assured, readers. California is not a lost cause. Patriots are fighting back in this bluest of backwaters.

Now that I have reported the events of the “Latino and Mexicano Summit” last weekend at UC Riverside, let me set out a few facts against all the virulent anti-American seditious traitors who hate the United States and label the American Southwest as “stolen land”:

1. White people are not the cause of your problems, you racist activists, whether you have brown skin or not. It’s not the fault of a guy with light skin if you did not get into the college of your choice or that if you are currently working a minimum wage job (if you can still find such a thing in markets with a mandated $15 starting wage).


It’s not “The White Guy’s Fault” if you live in a corrupt city in Southeastern Los Angeles County or some other “barrio” where decades of Democratic Party dominance have created well-entrenched special interests, rampant corruption, and brazen lawlessness.

Want to change the character of your communities? Start voting Republican, and learn the rights that you have as a US citizen. If you are here illegally, leave the country and enter legally. Face it, gente, corruption and illegal immigration go hand in hand. Want to stop the corruption? Fight for secure borders, the rule of law, and the pre-eminence of American citizens in their own country.

2. The United States did not steal land from Mexico. The Mexican Cession of 1848, otherwise known as the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo, strictly outlined that the United States government was purchasing Mexican territory from the Rio Grande all the way to the Oregon border.

It was bought and paid for with the equivalent of $1 billion (that’s with a “B”) from the United States Treasury. The United States Government would pay another $15 million for the strip of land now located in Southern Arizona and New Mexico. The Mexican government got better on the deal, no doubt, since much of the Cession remains uninhabited land to this day.


3. The Europeans did not wage Indian genocide. True, the great biological exchange turned out very badly for the native populations throughout the Americas, but please spare me the "white guilt" card.

4. If it weren’t for the European settlers, the indigenous tribes would have wiped themselves out. La Raza historians (actually, dystopian myth-makers) won’t recount these and other sordid aspects of Meso-American history:

a. Human sacrifices. The Aztec Empire sacrificed people every day just to keep the sun shining. What a bloody theology.

b. Tribes throughout the Americas engaged in rampant theft, pillaging, and mass murder against one another. They also polluted the environment.

c. Yes, Indians sold and traded land. There were constant land-swaps whether by trade or by force (ownership is greatly disputed, then).

d. Anyone born in the United States qualifies as a native American, thank you very much. And that includes me. So, please stop telling me to “Go back to Europe.” It just makes you look silly.

e. A small band of Spanish conquistadores could not have taken down the Aztec Empire. The many Indians under tribute (and facing certain death) joined with the Spanish to defeat the Aztecs.

A simple “Thank you” to your European ancestors would be nice.


Deal with it, La Raza: there will be only one Reconquista, that of the American people!

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