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The rule of law should be a no-brainer: cities are for citizens. The very concept of “politics” is based on the word “polis”, and that means “citizen”. “We the People” in the U.S. Constitution refers to citizens, men and women who recognize their rights, which come from God.

What’s one way to take power away from “We the People”? Erode the meaning and privilege of citizenship. And that’s what California’s Democratic Party is doing.  Just when I thought that the Democrats in California (and apparently Colorado, too) had already gone too far, now they add another layer to the rampant perversity.

Kevin De Leon, anchor baby turned State Senate President (whose family members are illegals, relying on fraudulent documents to “survive”) is going to steal every resource from California taxpayers to fund his illegal alien paradise. Who says illegals are discriminated against? They are running the government of California … into the ground! Two pieces of legislation are on the horizon. If you’re not careful, they could be coming to a state near you.

Senate Bill 6 will transfer tax dollars to provide legal counsel to illegal aliens facing contentious court hearings as they await deportation. Check this out: we have spiking crime rates throughout the state of California. Even in my nice and calm South Bay home, property crimes are rising, especially property crime. Sandra Duran was just killed in a hit and run in the North Hills section of Los Angeles by an illegal alien.

Illegal immigration is not a victimless crime, and a sanctuary state will not guarantee safety for anyone.  Except, of course, the politicians who want to score points with La Raza, LULAC, and other Hispandering special interest groups who will keep their Brown Power puppets in power for as long as possible. This is the essence of corruption: a set of laws for one group of people, and a set of laws for everyone else. This is beyond shameful. This is beyond intolerable.

And once again, immigration remains an untouchable third rail in California. Deal with it, Republicans and Democrats alike. Stand up for the rule of law, dammit! Governor Pete Wilson was right to champion Prop 187 in 1994. I wish he had continued to champion that initiative. Even then, California was not a Lily Wasp-like state. That means men and women of every color are all Americans and they just want what’s best for their kids and their future.

Guess what? 70% of Californians oppose sanctuary cities, and that includes 60% of Democrats! Even the registered Democratic voters—in California, mind you—are waking up to how their own party is leaving them behind.

One would think that the growing list of dead Californians would finally wake up the voters to the dangers implicit in sanctuary cities. One life killed by an illegal alien is one too many, but here are 8 lives lost forever:

  • 1.     Kate Steinle
  • 2.     Drew Rosenberg
  • 3.     Ruben Morfin
  • 4.     Jamiel Shaw Jr.
  • 5.     Dominic Durden
  • 6.     Marilyn Pharis
  • 7.     Tierra Stansberry
  • 8.     DeAndre Mitchell

California was a not a sanctuary for these individuals.

Statistics have outlined that at least 25 people a DAY are killed by illegal aliens in this country.

California Democrats want to turn the Golden State into a Sanctuary state? How about deporting illegal aliens and putting Americans first? Here’s another great idea: let law enforcement enforce our laws.

Yes, I know this bid for sanity is a bit complicated for liberals, but the basic tenet of any government is this: protect our rights. And the California Democratic supermajority is not on board with even this, but rather protecting the privileges of a well-connected minority of elitists and La Raza activists.

There is hope, however. The Democrats cannot lose one vote in the state senate to maintain their very slim supermajority. Three years ago, four state senators were arrested, convicted, and/or sentenced for various felonies (voter fraud, gun-running, whatever). Some current Democrat members are feeling the heat like they never have before. I already visited my state assemblyman (a Democrat who had voted against the misguided California (Mis)Trust Act of 2013).

But bigger guns, literally and figuratively, have raised their voices against SB 54’s collective immorality. In spite of a long list of proponents for this awful bill, two key organizations have not compromised, but are fully opposed:

  •        California Peace Officers’ Association
  •        California State Sheriffs’ Association

The opposition from these two groups was enough to stave off emergency passage.

Four Southern California county sheriffs oppose SB 54, including the somewhat squishy Jim McDonnell of Los Angeles. Why do I target the former police chief of Long Beach? Yes, he’s my sheriff. More importantly, though, not even two months ago, he was on record supporting the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors’ decision to provide legal aid to the county’s illegal alien population, and McDonnell affirmed he had no intention in going after illegals living in LA solely because of their immigration status.

But now he opposes the entire state taking on LA County’s proposals. What gives? In his view, preventing communication of any kind between ICE officials and state law enforcement would lead to ICE officials sweeping through neighborhoods and arrest more illegals, not just the violent ones in LA County jails.

Unbelievable! I would like to believe that McDonnell really does care about enforcing our immigration laws, and simply does not want the rising spike of various crimes against Angelenos. Unlike LAPD Chief of Police Charlie Beck (who stands with the illegals, rather than the legal residents) McDonnell is elected by the people in the county.  More deaths like Sandra Duran’s might have cut his re-election chances in half.

No American should allow this. Sanctuary cities are dangerous, racist, and outright wrong. I have written before that California was already a “sanctuary state”. SB 54 will make that designation seriously official, cutting off all communication between state and federal law enforcement regarding illegal aliens in California.

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