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For the past six years, Republicans in Congress have tried to bend and weave against the liberal juggernaut, but without landing a punch on Obama. They felt that they were supposed to “govern,” which they internalized to mean “offer as little resistance as possible and fund the bulk of Obama’s agenda.” This approach is all wrong. Don’t compromise with people who tell us lies and call it truth. A leader who is driving his country down is no leader at all, and certainly not one any of us should respect.


Once in a while, Republicans showed incredible backbone, and even then, the boldness came from members within the Freedom Caucus or outspoken conservatives unafraid to ruffle Establishment feathers. Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina pushed back against the caucus leadership to retain his subcommittee chairmanship. He in turn issued the discharge petition which brought down former Speaker John Boehner. The long-time Ohio Congressman had mocked his colleagues for refusing to buckle on immigration “reform.” He finally got to squeal: “Oooh! Don’t make me do this! It’s too hard!”

Too bad! Too late!

Rep. Tom Huelskamp of Kansas refused to expand food stamps, did not vote for Boehner as Speaker of the House. He was kicked of the Agricultural committee. Later he was restored to the House Study Committee. But the voters in the Big First tossed him out in the primary for a pro-business, pro-government subsidy replacement. Lesson learned: stay alert until you run unopposed or you win your next election. At least Mitch McConnell managed to block the appointment of Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland. With Donald Trump officially installed as President of the United States in two weeks, Republicans are breaking out the wish list.

But the fight has just begun.

Republican members who were pushing an unthinking ethics reform had to back off, but at least they got busy with the agenda we expect them to work on. On the opposing side (with dwindld numbers for the long haul), the Democrats have learned nothing from their latest failures, especially if  they live in California, unless they live in a swing district. The jungle primary in California did succeed in knocking out one incumbent, Mike Honda of Fremont, California. His replacement, Ro Khanna, is an Obama acolyte who is starting to stray from the arrogant yet wavering progressive narrative. He opposes the Trans Pacific Partnership, which is all but dead now since Speaker Ryan dispatched his primary challenger and stood with President-Elect Donald Trump. Democrat Scott Peters of San Diego is joining with Rep. Darrell Issa (who survived the closest race of his political career) to pass an “Americans First” bill. HR 170 will fix the H-1B abuses like the ones which forced hard-working Disney Southern California Edison employees and to train lower-paid, lower-skilled replacements.


Republicans have initiated repeal of Obamacare, too, and reconciliation to end this terrible piece of legislation should be coming down the pike very soon. But the Democrats will continue to fight. They will never see the light. They are convinced that they are right, and their stance on any issue has always been the gross expansion of political power, while closing the nexus of liberty which men and women were designed to operate in.

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer has announced that Trump and the Republican Party want to “Make America Sick Again.” Really? We the People are sick and tired of Obamacare. Working people who didn’t pay attention to politics, and who probably didn’t know who was the Vice-President of the United States, absolutely despise this law. People who didn’t care what their elected officials were doing, now care.

Democrats who still hold sway in three (or four) states in the country have vowed to double down and thwart Trump at every turn. California’s Democratic desperation is so acute, they retained the counsel of former Attorney General Eric Holder. Hold the applause, and start laughing out loud. This former lackey for the Clinton Administration had helped coordinate one of the most corrupt bargains of campaign cash for pardons in modern history. He was running guns under the aegis of the Department of Justice with Operation Fast-and-Furious. The scandal which killed American federal law enforcers ended badly for Holder. He was found in contempt of Congress (a ruling which is still outstanding, isn’t it?). As Oversight Committee Chairman, Rep. Issa blasted his incompetent deputies (check out his video for a thrilling example). Now contemptible Holder will counsel one of the most corrupt, incompetent, and bankrupt states in the union, and on my dime. Please, Mr. Trump, take them down a notch or two!


No one should be surprised by Sacramento’s penchant for legal protections for the lawless while preying on the law-abiding. California lawmakers have already allowed illegal aliens to hold law licenses. This insensate disregard for the rule of law and citizenship is no joke. Two illegal aliens still sit on city commissions in “Little TJ” Huntington Park, but the arrogant city council is feeling the heat for their egregious flouting of federal law. Felons can vote in California prisons, and the state legislature decriminalized child prostitution. When the District Attorney of Alameda County, one of the bluest regions in the state decries this felony stupid maneuver, you know that the Democratic Party has hit rock bottom.

California Republicans, from the Chairman down to the grassroots activists, are thrilled with Trump’s victory. We have a reason to get up in the morning and fight. His mere ascendance as Chief Executive is scaring illegal aliens and their enablers to adjust to a new reality: no more cheap labor at the expense of national security and American workers.

Trump’s got the fight in him, and that’s what helped him win. Across the country, even in the bluest of states, conservatives should learn from him and know that they face a bright future, with a narrow window of opportunity to change the course of their individual states too.

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