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Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton defines Crook, Corrupt, and Crappy.

How’s that for the meaning of C? Classified? How about Crucified … in the public, that is.


Hillary Clinton is the green-eyed monster of modern politics. She has been running for President since 1992, or was it 1972. She was fired from prosecuting the Watergate Scandal, since her colleagues lambasted her as a corrosive liar.

Now she is a corroded fraud.

Twenty years of running for President, including a middling tenure as U.S. Senator of New York, plus her destructive tenure as Secretary of State, and one would think that the American people would be so over the First Woman thing.

It appears that the Democratic base is feeling the Burn, i.e. burned by their party, burned by marginalized Big Three media giants, and burned by a general culture of corruption and influence peddling.

And again about that “First Woman running for President” thing …

Have we forgotten about Shirley Chisholm?  What about Elizabeth Dole? Michelle Bachmann? Carly Fiorina? Notice that Republican women (including Maine US Senator Margaret Chase Smith) have run for President before.

No, they didn’t become the presumptive nominee of a major party, but let’s get over this tired, old left-wing narrative that the voting public is so misogynist that they would never elect a woman President.

Democratic grassroots voters, left-wing activists, and generally principled Big Government advocates (if they can be called principled), and hard-core socialists—men and women—lined up behind Bernie Sanders. The woman card didn’t work for them, and they refused to be bullied with the gender card.

Wow, we really have come a long way in this country. Identity politics is falling by the wayside. Of course, the abortive Madam Hillary Clinton made it easier for the ardent feminists to tell themselves: “Let’s wait for a better female Presidential candidate.”


After all, Clinton had to cheat to win the primary. It helps when your best friend is the former DNC Chairman. It also helps when party leaders working in Washington DC decided to threaten Bernie Sanders to get along with Madam Hillary, or lose his seat on the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee.

Did I mention that Hillary Clinton is caked, tarred, and smothered in corruption?

Democrats are facing the most yawning of enthusiasm gaps in modern times. And I’m talking about the uber-liberal, communistic ones.

The working class, Reagan Democrats, and the diverse minority communities--the ones who immigrated legally to this country, but ended up registering as Democrats because the DNC showed up at the swearing-in ceremony—are moving for Trump in large numbers.

This is turning into one of the most exciting and enthusiastic elections in my life time.

I have met Democrats of all backgrounds here in Los Angeles County—and throughout the state of California. They are voting Republican now because of the message, connections, and hope offered by Donald Trump.

I was a big fan of five of the seventeen candidates running for President.

Yet even Donald Trump is two steps ahead, above, and beyond Mitt Romney, John McCain, Bob Dole, etc. And then we look at Hacking Hillary, she is now Losing Hillary. Democrats who will still pull the lever for Hillary are not excited about the prospect. That makes me really happy, too.

But there are other Democrats, the true believers in the role of state, in the push for radical equality, and fundamental fairness, even if meted out by the government.


I was working the precincts along the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, California, aka the People’s Republic of Santa Monica. Rich hippies, green activists, and a established progressive temperament define the political contours of this beach community.

I met Trump supporters … and I met anarchists. They will not vote for Hillary Clinton.

One guy’s response was earnest and emphatic: “I cannot vote for her.” It would be a violation of his conscience, and that word has gotten too little currency these days. It means “with knowledge.”

With the knowledge that the Democratic Party cheated and lied to get Hillary the nomination, with the knowledge that she left four diplomats die in Benghazi, with the knowledge that she misused and distributed classified information on a private server, with the knowledge that she is a pathological liar about prior events and even her current health crisis (or rather crises, including her media as well as personal issues), the Santa Monica anarchist will not vote for Hillary.

Then I met another #NeverHillary activist in my own hometown.

Miguel Zuniga, born in Lawndale, now living in Lomita, was sporting his “Unidos con Bernie” T-shirt at a local restaurant (see picture). I just had to ask him about his ardent support for the Vermont socialist, even though the second e had long ago dropped out and even (*gasp!*) endorsed the Wicked Hillary.

Zuniga flat-out explained that he could not support a corrupt establishment hack (cough, spit) like Hillary Clinton.

Then I learned about the coalition called “The 1,900”, the Bernie supporters who want to the DNC Convention in Philadelphia. The Hillary camp and the DNC leadership violated their rights in foreseen (and largely unreported) ways. They took away their Bernie signs. They directed the cameras away from the large crowds. Of course, anyone watching the convention could hear the loud boos and the chants “No TPP!”


Zuniga recalled all of these conflicts for me. No wonder the Democratic grassroots are disgusted. No wonder there is an enthusiasm chasm about Hillary Clinton.

Then came the magic words from Zuniga, too: “I cannot vote for Hillary.”

I don’t blame him, and I applaud the integrity of these loyal liberals. On some issues, we actually agree, like our opposition to abusive corporate influence at the expense of We the People. I just trust Donald Trump to handle these problems, and build a wall, and ensure that our nation is secure.

This is incredible. Election 2016 didn’t develop as I expected, but my enthusiasm for the race has not diminished.


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