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The Incredible Shrinking Ann Coulter

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Ann Coulter is anti-PC. God knows we need as much of this as we can get. “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”, said George Orwell. Don’t throw this –or me—down the memory hole. In these troublesome, frustrating political times, it seems to me that truth has become a commodity to be dispensed with, and media hype focuses more on making money or gaining notoriety, rather than changing minds.


This indictment is bearing with the conservative media. Half the conservative commentators want to send the other half to Room 101, where little Hillary minions will overwhelm those contrarians who don’t go along with the Inner Party of Trump (or Cruz).

Which party does Coulter belong too?

Ann Coulter. Angry SJWs tried to throw a pie in her face, and she dodged it just in time.


At least she knows how to rub people the wrong way, especially against the Left-wing snowflakes with blades of steel. How to Argue with a Liberal was entertaining, although she could have written How to Disembowel a Liberal and made her point, albeit less subtly. Godless Yep. That just about divines the Democracy, right down to their booing God and rejecting Jerusalem as the capital of Israel during the 2012 DNC.

Yet look over her latest articles over the past two years:

America’s Favorite National Past-time: Hating Soccer

I thought it was hating evil? Or fighting for liberty?

The above article articulated the non-American fascination with soccer, and how its purported collectivist mindset wars against the rugged virtues of American exceptionalism. A little strange, I thought a little distracting, but so is our crazy Aunt at the Thanksgiving table.

Then this:

We're All Ruth Bader Ginsburg Now

Huh? Really now? Not me! Not ever.

GOP Baffled As Voters Rally to Popular Candidate

Is this something to be ashamed of? I guess you can label me “Establishment” because I think that a Presidential candidate deserves severe vetting before voting. Who fought against excessive spending? Who demanded the repeal of Obamacare? Who rebelled against the accomodationist US Senate Majority Leader?


Not Donald Trump.

How many of us remember her sudden termination from National Review following her explosive, offensive rants on Twitter? She was faulting the GOP candidates’ dedication to protecting Israel during their CNN forum at the Reagan Library last year. In case she hasn’t noticed, Barack Obama has thrown the Jewish State under the bus (the late Ed Koch said as much campaigning for a victorious Republican in 2011.)

Recently, Coulter has devolved further into “Cruz Derangement Syndrome”.

In Moonies for Cruz, I could not find the lunar luminaries. I actually read what she wrote before coming to a conclusion. Was she suggesting that Cruz supporters (such as myself) are loony, or from the moon? Or that we love watching reruns of the “Honeymooners”?

I’ll hit you right to the moon, Ann!

It's Only Trump? No it isn’t. The race ain’t over until the liberal harpy screeches.

But this article was too much:

Ted Cruz: Tracy Flick With A D*ck

Male members aside, what the f---- is she talking about?

I have read for the past three months how Coulter loves, adores, and we must in turn do the same for Trump. He is the only one who can save us. He will build the wall, deport all the illegal aliens, and stop the influx of Muslims until we can figure out what is going on. I support all those measures. But am I a loony goony because I do not trust Trump to actually do what he says?

I look at votes, I look at money, and I look at character and consistency. Ted Cruz measures up to those standards. Trump, not so much. Oh, and he has not won a majority of delegates. Abraham Lincoln was the lowest delegate winner in 1860, but won the majority after the fourth ballot. That’s my hope for Cruz. Those were the rules from Day One, Ann. Is that a problem? Or am I crazy for honoring Cruz’ capacity to understand the intricacies of the caucus, the primary vote, and the delegate selection process in different states?


The deeper question emerges: what’s with Ann Coulter’s “Cruz Derangement Syndrome”? She wants people to read her articles? She wants to extend her Universal Syndicate contract? Or is she like a lot of conservatives, expressing her vexing frustration with the failed political class, and the corrupted culture which gave rise to it. If anyone of us could, would we rip a water fountain out of the ground, throw it out the window, and spring into the wilderness forever?

OK, Ann, maybe I am a bit of a loony Moonie …

But truly, Coulter’s savage ravaging headlines, from Town Hall to Breitbart to Hot Air and Fox News, are exposing a weak link in the conservative—as well as liberal—punditry class.

After eight years of Barack Obama thumbing his Alinsky-ite nose at morals, mores, and most everyone else, we need to fight of our Constitution. I really don’t see how we accomplish that by calling Ted Cruz a woman with a penis (no, this is not a desperate pleas for the Bruce Transjenner vote).

I don’t see how bleeding screeds, whether poetic or populist, makes the difference, either. Ann has turnedDonald Trump with lady parts. Want to put your rage to better use, Ann? Do what We the People Risingand MassResistance are doing: Activism beyond conservative blogging ad infinitum.

We need to fight for a resurgence of Judeo-Christian values in our country, even if Washington Post’s George Will scolds in the background: “The Framers were not Christians!” They respected Divine Providence to hold the temporal world together. “The Constitution is for a moral people. It will serve for no other,” John Adams acknowledged.


Coulter’s ravings (and her pro-Trump cohorts) expose their shrinking influence in stopping the progressive contagion on its own. Vulgar screaming isn’t enough. It’s time for principled, conservative action.

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