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Conservative friends of mine have told me to stop focusing on the Republican primary. It’s a mighty fight between two anti-Establishment titans. I am rooting for Cruz, plus Donald Trump’s meltdown over losing Louisiana, this is going to be one fun year.


As for the Democrats …

The Democratic Party has officially lost its mind, its way, and its reason for being. The have gone anti-constitutional. Their front-runner, losing her lead by the minute, is under federal investigation, loves to bark on command, and has a number-one cheerleader in the most anti-feminine of former Presidents.

As if George McGovern and Election 1972 wasn’t bad enough for the Democrats. Fifty years later, and Democrats have become the party of the Old, White, Statist, and Racist. OK, bad and ugly, too. Madam Hillary (notice all those hookers in Nevada rooting for her) is willing to sell herself to Wall Street, K Street, and on just about any corner to get a vote. Her challenger? An ideologically brain-dead curmudgeon with a New York accent from New England, where Republicans have gained congressional seats and governorships for the first time in decades. He was a draft-dodger, a kibbutzer, a welfare prince, and now a radical wannabe socialist.

Ugh! It’s hard out there for a Democrat! What’s even sadder? The old Vermonter had the better weekend of the two, with three wins in a row! “Weekend at Bernie” Sanders is the life of the party now.

And what a weekend he had.

He scored big primary wins in Alaska, Hawaii, and Washington state. Three different climates, three different political cultures, and all major turnouts. These are ‘YUGE’ victories. From the rainy, to the snowy, to the tropical, the Independent-turned-Democratic Socialist has become a force to be reckoned with, thus a real threat to Clinton’s coronation. As much as the Democratic Party tried to silence its own voters, the diverse primary process, with double the number of potential delegates compared to the Republican Party, the DNC must grin with chagrin and bear in for the long haul. Sanders is sticking to his socialist guns (since he voted for the right to keep and bear arms almost as much as the Republicans during his tenure in the House). Clinton can raise money, and play the race card all she wants, but the outsider momentum is with Bernie.


Of course, all those over-indulged six-year undergraduates with loads of student loan debt love their surrogate grandpa. The bigger problem? All the people who are supposed to pay for Sanders’ free college tuition and health care proposals—pretty much everyone else—are not keen on subsidizing under-educated sloth. The #BlackLivesMatter crowd also loves Bernie, but they also love overriding other people’s freedom of speech, stopping the flow of traffic on streets and freeways, and invading Donald Trump’s campaign rallies.

Everyone else hates them, and they will take Sanders down, good weekend or not.

The rest of the country is tired of Bernie. With all the talk about Trump taking down Republican chances in the US Senate and the House, when will anyone ask the more pertinent question: With Sanders at the top of the Democratic ticket, how badly will he drag down the diminishing Democratic chances throughout the country?

Democrats already suffer from a record of ineffective campaigns. In 2014, they could not run a viable candidate in Kansas for US Senate, and the gubernatorial candidate lost, even though one hundred big-spender Republicans lined up behind him. Republicans in governor’s mansions, statehouses, and even at the local level dominate.

The only difference? The mainstream media isn’t screaming about it, the way they love to dissect the ongoing demise of the GOP. Are you sure the GOP is dying? The Democrats may need to rethink their raison d’etre very soon.


Sure, the Los Angeles Times just reported that Trump is ahead of Cruz (by one percentage point). The liberal democratic version of Pravda also predicts that Trump’s ascendancy will fracture the state party and drag down the national GOP ticket.

In case you have not read, registered Democrats are disgusted with their party. A Torrance, CA homeowner (by way of Venice, CA, which indicates how liberal he is) confronted the Democratic Party leadership: “What have you done to help the working poor?” The caustic yet accurate answer would be: “Make them poorer!” or “Keep them poor!” Other Democrats, the ones who vote that way because their parents did, have seen the progressive-socialist phalanx leave them in the dust, and with greater national debt and fewer opportunities for their kids.

With legalized-theft Bernie Sanders at the top of the Democratic ticket, you can be certain that anyone who works for a living, owns property, or who traded a third-world dictatorship for American citizenship is going to vote Republican.

Sanders has already been accused of covering up the misconduct, corruption, and incompetence of the Veterans Administration. He’s a gun nut, who cannot outrun his pro-Second Amendment record. How is Bloomberg going to hijack city councils throughout the country under Sander’s bid for president? That’s another win for the conservatives right there.

The DNC’s outrageous disregard for life and marriage, plus the intense dedication to champagne socialism at the expense of the lunch box base of their party, is eroding Democratic registration numbers. Democrat voters are not just voting Republican, even in California, but they are registering that way.


Sanders and Clinton, campaigning on desiccated, white, eurotrash ideologies will toss their party into the ash-heap of political history. Weekend at Bernie’s latest victories should send shivers up the Democratic Party Establishment’s spines—if they had any.

What a great weekend it was!

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