Hypocrisy in the Liberal Establishment

Posted: May 22, 2010 12:01 AM
Hypocrisy in the Liberal Establishment

The Tea Party movement has been front and center in the news lately. Stories abound of how they are pushing hard against establishment Democrats and Republicans alike. As the media would have you believe it, these tea party members are strong, both in will and physical stature, and virtually untouchable. But what is often not reported is the ridicule and constant assaulting these patriots receive, and how the Left’s media operation allows the perpetrators to get away with it.

One story is particularly alarming. Attending a tea party-led assembly in St. Louis last August, Mr. Kenneth Gladney was protesting a health care forum hosted by Rep. Russ Carnahan (D-MO), handing out Don’t Tread on Me flags and voicing his opposition. Then out of the blue, Gladney was attacked and horrifically beaten by members of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). These thugs didn’t like what Gladney had to say nor why he was protesting a provision their Bosses deemed was worthy, so they hunted him down and taught him a lesson he won’t soon forget.

Michelle Malkin

Was Gladney a white, redneck racist as some commentators such as MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann have characterized all tea party members? Hardly. Gladney is African American. And the SEIU thugs reminded him of his color as they beat him to a pulp, using the N word repeatedly.

Two members of the SEIU are under indictment and 4 others are under investigation. Why didn't the main stream media bother to tell this story? They certainly profess to speak out against civil rights violations, no matter where. Are we to believe that because Gladney aligns himself with the Tea Party movement, he forfeits his rights to not be referred to as an N-word or beaten? Are American blacks prohibited from enjoying their free speech by the Liberal establishment, if it does not agree with the plantation views of the Democratic party?

It is absolutely clear that in 2010 conservative and Republican American blacks can't express their views without fear of reprisal and retaliation. Is this the intent of the Civil Rights movement that blacks can only be free if they agree with the Democratic Party way of thinking?

The troubling aspect of this case is that the MSM give trade Unions a pass when their behavior is outside the accepted bounds of public civility. It is not coincidental that the SEIU was Obama's largest financial supporter and continues to supply both substantial money and workers to the Democratic party machine.

Contrast this with the adverse publicity received by the Tea Party when unconfirmed allegations of the use of the N word surfaced at a recent rally in Washington, DC that involved members of Congress. No one attending such events from the other side reported saying or even hearing such terrible language, but when Democrats play the victim card, all bets are off – they can say whatever they want and you can bet the MSM will be there to drink it all in with a microphone in their faces.

Imagine if the shoe, as we've seen in the past, was on the other foot? Where is Al Sharpton when black conservatives need him? Where is Jesse Jackson, especially when these black individuals’ civil rights are violated? Is it because the Liberal elite feel they don't know their place and take the liberty to use the N word and then proceed to try and beat them to death?

There’s no excuse for this behavior, and when the media fails to seek out stories like these and call them for the racist, hate-based behavior that they are, then they undermine their own credibility as legitimate filters of today’s occurrences and why they matter.