Which Do Democrats Reject More: The American Flag Or Donald Trump?

Posted: Jun 16, 2019 12:01 AM
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Which Do Democrats Reject More: The American Flag Or Donald Trump?

Source: AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Friday must have been one confusing day for Democrats.

The President of the United States had the good fortune to be born on Flag Day, June 14, which put the Democrats in a bit of a bind. As millions of Americans honored Old Glory, as well as the 45th President on that day, what were the Democrats to do?

They may have felt compelled to honor one or the other just to avoid completely discrediting themselves, yet they clearly despise both Donald Trump and the American history and traditions symbolized by the Stars and Stripes.

You’d think it would be a no-brainer. It’s not as though Democrats have been terribly secretive about their hatred of President Trump. In the two-and-a-half-years since Donald Trump made fools of them by winning an election victory over Hillary Clinton that none of them thought possible, the raw hatred in their hearts has only festered. You can see that as clearly in the halls of Congress, where Democrats are desperately trying to breath life into Russiagate, as you can see in the hysterical rantings of Hollywood liberals and the mainstream media.

In fact, just one day after the President’s Flag Day birthday, liberals held a nationwide “#ImpeachTrump Day of Action” to vent their anti-Trump rage. If not for his birthday falling on a Friday, they surely would have honored the president with their protest then, instead of on Saturday.

Still, it’s an open question whether the hatred that Democrats feel toward Trump actually trumps their even longer-running disdain for the flag-waving American culture that put him in the White House.

Most Democrats aren’t quite as explicit about their distaste for the American flag as many of the illegal immigrants they desperately want to let into our country often, or radicalized college administrators and students. Many Democrats aren’t even as explicit as Trump-hating film director Damien Chazelle, who deliberately deleted the iconic planting of the American flag from his dramatization of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

Make no mistake — establishment liberals also harbor the same hostile attitude toward America’s founding as the extreme left.

Prominent elected Democrats have blasted Christopher Columbus, Thomas Jefferson, and even cauliflower as symbols of America’s evil, racist, colonialist founding. Republicans — that is, half the country — according to this twisted view, are no better in the eyes of rank and file Democrats as well.

This anti-Americanism is also evident in the policies that Democrats propose, promote, and advocate. They’re prepared to abandon virtually any legacy of American greatness to further their political power. Abolish the electoral college? Pack the courts? Let 16 year-old kids vote? Why not? In the minds of Democrats, those are all just holdovers from the racist, colonial era.

On Flag Day, we commemorate the adoption of our red, white, and blue banner on June 14, 1777. But if you believe, as many American liberals do, that America’s revolution was a “mistake” led by racist white men, then there’s not much worth celebrating. Why bother, if you believe — as U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar does — that the U.S. Army, which also celebrates its birthday on June 14, is an instrument of oppression and genocide?

So, as America honored Old Glory on Friday, and millions reflected on their appreciation for our President on his 73rd birthday, which do you think was more likely to elicit contempt from the American left: Donald Trump or the American flag?

It’s not as clear-cut as you might think. Shockingly, President Trump may actually be losing his appeal as an object of liberal derision. Even Alec Baldwin, whose abject hatred of Trump single handedly revived his moribund career, is getting bored of mocking the President.

It’s easy to imagine, based on the Democrats’ absolutist opposition to both this President and America’s founding principles, that they simply moped around dejectedly while the rest of the country honored those twin symbols of American pride.

Everyone else was thrilled just to celebrate the President’s birthday and Flag Day together at the same time.