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How Meghan Markle Fell Foul of the Abortion Zealots and Has Lived to Regret It

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Abortion destroys everything. It is even destroying the love story of commoner Meghan Markle marrying her prince and winning over a nation and frosty queen-in-law.

Abortion not only destroys babies but also has the ability to destroy so much of society because its supporters view it as a sacred right. Abortion is a litmus test for leftists - if you don’t support it you are not a good person and can be destroyed. Indeed it is so sacred that it must be promoted and protected at all costs even if that means destroying people and institutions along the way.

And that is how Meghan Markle fell foul of the abortion zealots and has lived to regret it.

I’m in Ireland this week and so was Meghan Markle. Our joint presence in the Emerald Isle is a coincidence. She is here with her husband who apparently is called Harry but no one can really remember. This was their first trip abroad as a married couple, a working honeymoon, and all eyes were on them. Well, to be honest, all eyes were on the newly minted Duchess of Sussex. No one really paid much attention to the husband.

They came, they saw the national monuments to suffering that Ireland excels in (and Britain is mostly responsible for) and then they went to party. The big event of the trip was a garden party at the British ambassador's residence in Dublin. It was by invitation only and the establishment turned out in force (and no, I wasn’t invited).

Now if there is one thing you know that is drilled into you before meeting any member of the royal family, it is that any conversation you might have is absolutely private and not for repeating. The royal family has a political role in the UK (dissolving the government - inviting a politician to form a new one) but the power it wields only works if they exercise it lightly and absolutely fairly. Therefore the queen and her family must be seen to be absolutely neutral leading to a long tradition that the family's private conversations are never disclosed. And so it is that after 60 years on the throne no voter really knows the royal family's view on issues such as Brexit, and people such as Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher or even Donald Trump. It’s not that they don’t have opinions or don’t express their opinions, there is just a strong convention that they can have those opinions in private and they are never broadcast outside the room.

But as I said earlier abortion destroys everything. Meghan Markle was at the garden party where she met an Irish senator, Catherine Noone. Ireland has just had a referendum on abortion and it was legalized by a significant majority. Senator Noone was one of the pro-abortion leaders who celebrated excitedly after the vote.

Obviously still on a high after the vote, Senator Noone decided to tweet a picture of herself with the Duchess and claimed that they had discussed the referendum and Markle “was pleased to see the result.”

Just like that, years of protocol was thrown out the window and Meghan Markle was facing her first crisis of her short lived royal role. Now I don’t know Meghan Markle’s views on abortion and I don’t even know if she really said she was pleased with the abortion referendum result. No one can know that for certain. We can’t really trust the senator’s version of events because abortion supporters will do or say anything to promote the cause. But I do know that Meghan Markle’s trip to Ireland was ruined by the controversy. Ireland and Britain have a complicated relationship but it was warming up particularly as the queen recently came on a visit after 100 years when no British head of state had set foot in the country. As I said, abortion destroys everything.

The left even wants to destroy the U.S. Supreme Court because it appears likely that if Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed, a majority of justices are skeptical that abortion is a constitutional right. And so the Washington Post and other outlets are proposing the next Democratic president should “pack the court”--that is, expand the number of judges on the court and appoint them all to ensure a permanent liberal and pro-abortion majority.

Abortion destroys everything. It destroys babies, it destroys language, as these babies suddenly become fetuses when they need to be destroyed. And as Meghan Markle found out, abortion and abortion zealots can also destroy conventions that allow you to step back from the glare of publicity and be a human for a little while.

Ann McElhinney is the Producer of Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer a feature film about abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell, which opens nationwide in October 12th. (

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