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Transgender Nation

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Talk about bad luck! What are the odds of the Nashville school shooter being a transgendered person who is ALSO mentally ill?

Arguably, there were hints.

In a form of modern Lysenkoism, young transgenders overwhelmingly come from homes with signs that say: "In This House, We Believe: Black Lives Matter, Women's Rights Are Human Rights, No Human Is Illegal, Science Is Real, Love Is Love, Kindness Is Everything."


Specifically, a study of adolescent and young adult transgenders found that the adults in the home who identify as "parents" were 91.4% white; 70.9% had a bachelor's degree or higher and 85.9% favored gay marriage. Parent respondents were 91.7% female.

This is a weirdly specific profile. Only about a third of Americans have B.A.s; a third of the population is white and female, and about a third supported gay marriage (until it was made a capital offense to oppose it -- changing even Barack Obama's mind!).

How many other biological conditions are correlated with political ideology?

I guess there's "long-haul COVID." So there are two biological FACTS where the main vector is: Liberal White Women. And of course, innumerable studies have shown that mental illness is far more prevalent in liberals than conservatives, which may be the umbrella condition.

On the other hand, counterfactual self-identifications are popping up all over. For example, the media are currently self-identifying as purveyors of information, and Trump is self-identifying as a bad-ass tough guy who can get the job done.

For nearly two weeks now, the media have produced wall-to-wall coverage of ... a rumor started by Trump himself. On March 18, he posted on his social media site: "THE FAR & AWAY LEADING REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE & FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, WILL BE ARRESTED ON TUESDAY OF NEXT WEEK. PROTEST, TAKE OUR NATION BACK!"


Tuesday came and went without his supposed antagonist, New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg, making any arrest, but the media can't stop talking about Trump. (You ever get the impression that Trump and the media are working together?)

In response to the press's flood-the-zone coverage of a rumor started by someone they call a liar, Trump has been self-identifying as a total stud, the hero who built the wall and kept the country open while others quaked in the face of COVID!

Last week, he posted a picture of himself -- carefully selected for its bad-assedness -- swinging a baseball bat next to a photo of Bragg.

What justifies this tough-guy image?

I agree 100% with the issues Trump ran on in 2016, but this is the guy who claimed to have a bone spur in his foot to avoid actual military service.

The complete opposite of his image on "The Apprentice," barking "You're fired!" at hapless employees, the real Trump couldn't fire anyone. He asked former campaign aide-turned-lobbyist Corey Lewandowski to fire his attorney general, Jeff Sessions.

A slew of other Trump administration employees were fired by tweet -- just the way George Patton did! These include: White House chief of staff Reince Priebus, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Secretary of Defense Mark Esper. He fired his FBI director, James Comey, by handing the dismissal letter to the White House press corps before telling Comey, who found out by watching TV (in this one case, style points to Trump).


Sitting with Democrats and Republicans at the White House, Trump wimped out on the Second Amendment, announcing that he supported a whole laundry list of anti-gun proposals, including taking arms away without due process. He even mocked Republicans for being "afraid of the NRA" -- unlike him, the tough guy willing to swing a baseball bat at a photo. The NRA, he said, has "power over you people, but they have less power over me."

A few days later, the NRA stopped by the Oval Office -- and Trump retracted it all, tweeting out his unwavering support for the Second Amendment.

He released prisoners because Kim Kardashian told him to, bombed Syria because his daughter told him to, and shut down the country because a scaredy-cat cable news host told him to.

This is the guy who sells superhero NFTs of himself? Where does he get the idea that people see him as a macho fighter, as opposed to a spaghetti-spined nitwit who couldn't stand up to girls like Ivanka and Paul Ryan? (Hey, whatever happened to that wall?)

As soon as there was blowback on the ridiculous baseball bat meme, here was Trump, backpedaling as fast as his bone-spurred feet would let him. He told some cockamamie story about how he never even noticed the picture! (Because Trump isn't at all obsessed with his own image.)


I'm not allowed to offer a professional opinion without conducting an examination, but based on the symptoms, there's a good chance that Trump is a liberal white woman.


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