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Every now and then I try to check out what the Other Side is doing so today I visited the campaign website. 

Wait--what’s that smell?  I recognize it but can’t quite figure it out…oh yeah. 

It’s desperation.

The page opens with a plea from Obama’s Deputy Campaign Manager, Stephanie Cutter.

We have to take this seriously….We don't have billionaires writing $10 million checks, and right now, we can't change the laws that allow the hijacking of our democracy by private money.

Yes they do have billionaires writing checks and wow—what does that even mean, “right now, we can’t change the laws”?  Is she implying that they’re considering “hijacking private money” later?  But I digress…

Stephanie continues:

Every day between now and November we can combat the huge spending advantage that our opponent and his allies have over regular people. 

Yeah.  Regular people.  Like George Clooney, Sarah Jessica Parker, Anna Wintour, the head of Vogue and the uber-billionaire whom the movie “The Devil Wears Prada” was based upon…

Next, I perused Obama’s Jobs and Economy page and seriously, if he’s reading this stuff its no wonder he believes the private sector is “doing just fine”.

The President is taking aggressive steps to put Americans back to work and create an economy where hard work pays and responsibility is rewarded…We’ve added back more than 4.3 million private sector jobs and seen 27 straight months of job growth—but there’s more work to do.

Unfortunately there’s not a better way to address this statement than to call it what it is:  a flat-out lie.  The only “aggressive steps” Barack Obama has taken regarding American jobs has been to undercut our oil and coal industries, NASA and our military.  If anything, Obama has given jobless Americans even less incentive to find work by giving them the luxury of even more unemployment benefits, which is where most of his jobs have gone--to government workers filling out unemployment paperwork. 

To his credit, Obama has provided lots of jobs to folks in Brazil by giving them $2 billion to help boost their oil industry, and of course maybe the Muslim Brotherhood can use some of the $1.5 billion Obama gave them to help create a few jobs, too--but I suppose that doesn’t count…

In reality, according to, private-sector jobs are still down by 4.6 million, “or 4%, from January 2008, when overall employment peaked.” And if you ask any random person on the street, I doubt they’ll say everything is “just fine” with our economy.

President Obama wants to grow high-technology U.S. manufacturing capacity and supply clean energy projects with American-made parts and equipment. That’s why he’s provided tax incentives to and made investments in clean energy technologies such as wind turbines and advanced car batteries.

I noticed there is very, very little mention of solar panels in this section.

Finally—just so you know and can be armed and ready when someone asks—here is the list of all the “accomplishments” President Obama is claiming on his website (with my slightly snarky responses in red).  Folks, these are the bullet points that liberals will try to debate you about so please stay informed, gather your counterpoints and be ready for the fight. 

Signed into law an economic plan that saved America from a depression, restored growth, and created or saved as many as 3.6 million jobs.

Don’t know about you, but I’m still depressed and most of my family and friends are currently jobless and a few are now homeless.

Signed into law landmark health insurance reform that holds insurance companies accountable, gives people and small businesses greater control of health care, and improves the quality of health care for all Americans.

In other words, we are being forced to buy a PRODUCT.  It doesn’t matter that the product is too expensive, broken, doesn’t work, isn’t practical and we’d never buy it on our own, we still are forced to buy it.  And if we don’t, we will be fined.  Oops sorry—we will be TAXED, according to the SCOTUS.

Fought against Wall Street lobbyists to sign into law historic consumer protections and financial reforms that shield American families from unfair lending practices from credit card and mortgage companies, rein in the excesses of Wall Street, and work to prevent future financial crises.

Spoken from a Wall Street expert and a president who has received more Wall Street contributions than any president in American history.

Reformed the college loan system by ending subsidies to banks and using the money to make college more affordable. He also invested in community colleges that are providing Americans with the skills they need to succeed in today's economy.

Don’t get all excited, Occupy Types.  Obama did not pay off all your student loans although he did lower monthly payments.  While Obama blames the GOP for not doing more about this, he forgets to mention that it’s actually his Democrat-led Senate that is causing all the student loan road blocks for him. 

Rescued the American auto industry, which saved millions of American jobs and helped GM and Chrysler become profitable again while repaying taxpayers.

Well now wait a minute: According to many, including this statement from the Cato Institute, no you did not rescue the auto industry:  “Any verdict on the auto bailouts must take into account, among other things, the illegal diversion of TARP funds, the forced transfer of assets from shareholders and debt-holders to pensioners and their union; the higher-risk premiums consequently built into U.S. corporate debt; the costs of denying Ford and the other more worthy automakers the spoils of competition; the costs of insulating irresponsible actors, such as the autoworkers’ union, from the outcomes of an apolitical bankruptcy proceeding; the diminution of U.S. moral authority to counsel foreign governments against market interventions; and the lingering uncertainty about policy that pervades the business environment to this day.” 

Repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” which makes it possible for individuals to serve in the military regardless of their sexual orientation.

Yes, he did.

 Helped women get the equal pay they deserve by signing into law the Lilly Ledbetter Act.

Barack might want to check with California Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein; she’s reportedly paying her female staffers 41% LESS than the men in her office. 

Ended the war in Iraq, initiated a responsible drawdown of forces in Afghanistan, and ordered the operation that killed Osama bin Laden.

This is the first time he didn’t blame President Bush yet it’s the first time he would have been accurate because President Bush is the one who initially ordered the operation and the Navy Seals finished the job when they—not Obama-- killed Osama. Obama can, however, say he is trying to end the military-in-general, cutting the defense budget, sneaking into their health insurance and denigrating them every chance he gets.

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