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Enough of the Left's ‘Threats to Democracy’ Rhetoric

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Most often when someone, or a group, consistently and incessantly refers to others with certain disparaging, demeaning, and destructive accusations it is because they are projecting their own behavior upon others. This is the case with the repeated "threats to democracy" narrative that the progressive socialist left has been firing against anyone opposing their totalitarianism. It began after that abhorrent speech by Joe Biden last year in front of the disturbing backdrop of Independence Hall. This empty assertion continues to be used by the left because, in their minds, it worked for them in the 2022 midterm elections. However, a precise and bold analysis will show that those on the left are the actual threats to our representative democracy in America . . . and remember, America is a Constitutional Republic.


Let's begin our walk down this hypocritical lane.

In April 2020, Eric Holder introduced this absurdity of unsolicited mail-in ballots. This system of electoral chicanery is, without a doubt, a means to the end of undermining our system of elections. Of course, it was leveraged against the COVID emergency threat tactic. Unsolicited mail-in ballots are threatening because these are ballots that are simply mailed out, with no system of control, against a list of voter registration that has oftentimes not been reviewed and updated. 

Who is the party that is against voter registration roll review? You guessed it, the progressive socialist left, aka the Democrat Party. They are the ones who scream "racism" . . . another empty, incessant rhetorical response to anything threatening the left's designs. Leftists do not want signature verification on these unsolicited mail-in ballots. To top it all off, the leftists come up with this dandy idea about ballot harvesting. Silly me, I thought you only harvested crops. But, unsecured ballot drop boxes? What could possibly go wrong with that?

It used to be quite simple: if you could not be at your appointed voting place, you applied for an absentee ballot. Nah, the left wants to undermine our voting process, which included absurd ideas like 24-hour voting. Hey, drop into Denny's, get some pancakes and drop off your ballot. Or another corrupt concept of drive-through voting. Don't laugh--both of these were attempted here in Harris County (Houston), Texas -- the largest county in Texas -- by the Democrat Supervisor of Elections, who happened to be the Treasurer for the Texas Democratic Party, Chris Hollins. Both of these endeavors were illegal under Texas election law. Then again, for the left, why let the law get in the way of undermining our electoral system?


Threats to democracy?

Well, how about the left's push to have illegals vote in our elections? In Democrat-controlled local areas, they are allowing illegals to vote in local elections. This is only a precursor to allowing statewide and federal election voting by illegals. It is the left wanting illegal immigrants to get driver's licenses. This means, according to the Motor Voter law passed under Bill Clinton, they will get registered to vote. The leftists do not want voter roll registration review, so, I think y'all get the picture.

The left is even attempting to change the manner in which we vote in America. Have y'all heard of this new effort called “rank choice voting?” This tomfoolery is akin to March Madness bracketology and far more complicated. Instead of one person, one vote, it is now one person ranking all candidates. Yep, the leftists want to eliminate the respective political party primary voting. Two states have fully adopted this insidious and dangerous system of voting: Maine and Alaska. In Alaska, rank choice voting worked so well in the 2022 cycle that there is a movement to repeal rank choice voting. There is a national movement to combat this attempt to undermine our election process at stoprcv.com

But, it doesn't end there with the left and their threats to democracy.


Have you heard of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC)? This is a coalition of blue states, and the District of Columbia, to undermine the electoral college. Talk about the foundation of our democracy. What this compact seeks to do is declare in these member states that they do not care who wins the national election in their respective state. They will apportion their electors to whoever wins the national popular vote. Yep, this is how the left sees democracy--it is their rule.

There are other means by which the progressive socialist left is the real threat to democracy in America -- seeking to end the Senate filibuster, stacking the US Supreme Court, and supporting violent domestic terrorists like Antifa. However, the most dangerous means by which the left threatens the very existence of America is state-sponsored censorship.

There is no denying that the leftists in America are the true fascists and that they will leverage the power of government to shut down political opposition. This has been proven by the relationship between the DoJ, FBI, and Twitter. However, most disturbing was the recent call by US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to have a member of the press, a media opinion show host, removed from an on-air position. Tucker Carlson did not lie and did not break any law. All he did was expose the lies of the progressive socialist left, the ultimate sin against them.


What is amazing to me is that in this missive we have outlined the many ways that the left is the real threat to democracy, to use their language. However, why have we not heard this from Republican elected officials? Why have we not seen billboards, radio and TV ads, and internet ads elaborating these points? Why have we not seen or heard the grandiose political communications and consultant class advise the RNC and others to respond as such?

We cannot continue to allow the progressive socialist left to dominate with their scripted talking points and absurd narratives. It is time we, constitutional conservatives, go on offense and attack their lies. The only thing that is threatening to the left is anyone who will show the courage to confront and expose them. Leftists in America are the real and true threats to our individual rights, freedoms, and liberty. They are a threat to America. They have sold out to the Communist Chinese Party, the Mexican narco-criminal terrorists, the globalist cabal, and have created a revised version of Hitler's brown shirts: Antifa.

Enough of the left's “threat to democracy” rhetoric.

Steadfast and Loyal.


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