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China's One-Child Policy: the Culture of Death on Steroids

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Ever wonder what the world look like if Planned Parenthood’s dreams came true? If there were no Judeo-Christian pressures or legal limits, and abortion was viewed as just another amoral solution to some of this world’s problems?

If so, you need look no further than China to see how such a paradigm works in real life.

In 1979, China instituted a one-child policy, which has been used as a justification for killing approximately 400 million preborn children since. This is the culture of death on steroids. It’s a state-sponsored license to kill that is biased against females and has wiped generations off the face of the earth.

How does the one-child policy work? It allows each family one live birth. Records are kept, women of childbearing age are medically examined every two months to see if they’re pregnant, and those who are pregnant for a second time are forced to have an abortion (and sometimes to be sterilized).

While such policies vary from province to province, the mental anguish they place on Chinese women who want to get pregnant and mothers who are pregnant for a second time is unimaginable. According to a U.S. congressional report, 500 women committed suicide in China i>each day in 2009.

What this is leading to in hard numbers is a surplus of as many as 40 million men by the year 2020. (The birthrate in China is already at a 20 percent surplus, with only 100 women born for 120 men.)

This top-down promotion of death, from the state level, necessarily impacts families (and would-be families) throughout China.

For example, if a woman who thinks she might be pregnant skips her medical exam to avoid detection her home might be razed, family members killed, or she herself sterilized. Additionally, she and others like her would be rounded up like cattle and forced to have an abortion.

And this brings us to a broader application of the one-child policy, namely, the fact that it literally expunges the human rights of Chinese women. If they get pregnant, they can have the baby only if it’s their first, but even then there is pressure to abort if the child is female. And there is simply no denying the kind of problems this will lead to down the road, when a population disproportionately full of males will be forced to import females via the avenues of prostitution and human trafficking simply to satisfy their need for companionship with the opposite sex.

The culture of death is like cancer in a body. It permeates, destroying as it goes, and lays ruin to what might otherwise be a robust and vibrant life or culture. Our legal efforts at the Alliance Defense Fund to protect innocent human life have revealed this all too often.

China’s example reminds us that once the culture of death is given a foothold in any society, it is hard to control. It reminds me of the allegory of the little boy who ignored his parents’ prohibitions and chased a fox just to tug at its tail. In the end, when the fox turned, it was a lion, and the boy’s refusal to heed sound advice resulted in his death.

China began tugging on that fox’s tail in 1979, and now the lion we call the culture of death is wreaking havoc upon the weakest members of Chinese society.

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