Far-Left Protest

Posted: Sep 09, 2020 1:00 PM
Far-Left Protest

Source: AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

The far left doesn’t tolerate dissent. It tries to shut up or shut down anyone who speaks out against its radical agenda.

I experienced this firsthand on Thursday, when anti-police protesters disrupted an event I was attending in Georgia to support my friend and colleague, Senator Kelly Loeffler.

Senator Loeffler and I had just unveiled a bill to stop the looting and rioting that’s burning down our cities. Our bill would cut off certain federal funds to liberal district attorneys if they refuse to prosecute criminals when protests turn violent.

But basic law and order are unacceptable to the radical left. So protesters showed up at our event, dead-set on shutting it down. These protestors weren’t interested in hearing the senator out. They weren’t there to listen or even debate, which is the way we resolve disagreements in a civilized society. Instead, they tried to stop the senator from speaking by chanting the slogan “Black Lives Matter” over and over.

These pressure tactics are nothing new for the left, but they’re becoming more frequent—and intense. Just this year, another woke mob forced a top editor at the New York Times to resign for daring to publish an op-ed I wrote calling for strong measures to be taken to restore order in America’s cities.

Of course, Senator Loeffler and I will never be cowed into silence by the left. But not everyone has the protection or platform of a United States Senator—and the left targets them, too.

On college campuses especially, conservative students are singled out, silenced, and punished by far-left administrators, professors, and even their fellow students.

At Florida State University, the president of the student senate, Jack Denton, was forced out of his position for merely pointing out in a private group chat that activist groups like Black Lives Matter and the ACLU attack family values and promote far-left policies like abortion and transgenderism, which are contrary to his Catholic faith.

This student expressed his opinion with civility and respect. He was met only with abuse and punishment. In a special session, the student senate expelled him from his position. The university’s administrators looked the other way.

And at Fordham University, a Chinese-American student named Austin Tong was punished by administrators for posting a photo of himself holding a rifle pointed at the ground, with the caption “Don’t tread on me.” The caption also included a reference to the Tiananmen Square Massacre, when Chinese Communist Party thugs massacred pro-democracy protestors who didn’t have the right to bear arms in order to defend themselves.

The university barred Tong from campus, all for exercising his constitutional rights to free speech and lawful gun ownership.

Those are just two recent cases, but make no mistake: the far-left is targeting dissenters all across the country. Their actions are creating a climate of fear—and as the recent anti-police riots show, they’re also leaving a swathe of destruction in their wake.

Like any bully, the only way to stop these radicals is to stand up to them. We need to take strong action now so the far-left learns that burning buildings and shouting down their opponents won’t be tolerated.

My bill with Senator Loeffler would go a long way toward that goal by fighting against the violent radicals on the streets. But we also need to stand up to the petty radicals—the paper-pushers and glorified bureaucrats who use their power in elite institutions to “cancel” their opponents.  I have a bill, the Campus Free Speech Restoration Act, that would stop some of the most egregious censorship and arbitrary punishment that students face on college campuses. But there’s plenty more to be done.

It seems every day brings a fresh reminder of the tactics that radical activists use to shut us up. We can’t let them win by being silent.

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