We Are Not Panicking

Posted: Jan 11, 2021 9:38 AM
We Are Not Panicking

Source: AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

As the aftermath of last week’s events are debated and analyzed across the fruited plains, I am reminded of a scene in "It’s a Wonderful Life."

In the movie, George Bailey can’t leave on his honeymoon because there is a run on his Bailey Building and Loan. The customers are gathered in the lobby of the Building and Loan, demanding their deposits.

George tells them that his nemesis, Mr. Potter, will buy everyone’s shares for 10 cents on the dollar.

George tells his customers, “Potter isn't selling. Potter's buying. And why? Because we're panicking, and he's not. That's why.”

The Leftists in Congress, in the media, together with establishment-style Republicans, sense blood in the water and are attacking Republicans, particularly conservatives and Trump supporters, because they believe we are panicking.

They’re trying to arrogate power. And why? Because we appear to be confused a bit, discouraged, demoralized a bit, outraged, and angered, too. But, we are not panicking.

The president, who ushered in a new era of Republicanism and conservatism, has been defeated. And, his followers are convinced that he lost because the election was not fair.

While tens of thousands showed up for a rally to peacefully protest on January 6, a few went crazy and marched to the Capitol. And some of them breached the Capitol. No doubt, they will justifiably be identified, apprehended, and prosecuted.

In contrast, Democrats in Congress, including Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, encouraged a summer of violence and supported social media funding for the bail of any rioters arrested over the summer.

They were silent except when justifying the violence and looting.

The outrageous and unjustified breach of the Capitol on January 6 has been condemned by conservative leaders, including me. The thoughtless act undermined the cause and disrupted the legislative process that was occurring and that they had been demanding.

How long did it take for Democrats to politicize the violation? While it was happening, Democrats in the House Chamber were yelling, “it was all Trump’s fault.” Even before we were aware of the extent of the breach.

And now, the Left and never-Trumpers want to invoke the 25th Amendment to try and persuade Vice President Pence to organize the Cabinet to remove the president.

When that fails, as it will, they propose to introduce another resolution of impeachment and speed it through the U.S. House of Representatives. The goal is to be able to say that President Trump was impeached twice—in two years, by a Democrat majority who hate Trump more than anything they love.

Additionally, a few Republicans have joined the Leftists to assert that, because some Representatives as well as some Senators objected to the counting of Electors from some states, we instigated the Capitol breach.

Let’s get this straight.

First, the procedure we engaged in was sanctioned in Title Three of the United States Code. Some believe the provisions of the statute are unconstitutional. If that were true, they have had over 130 years to change or repeal the statute but have not done so.

Second, the procedure is not without precedent. After the first five presidential elections of this century, Democrats used the same process to file objections—the ones in which Republicans won the presidency. Even current-Speaker Pelosi objected at the time.

That the Left and some Republicans were upset about us filing objections this year may have been because, unlike when Democrats have used this process, there was substance to our objections. Our critics knew that the American people would see the merits of our arguments for the first time because, until the floor debate in Congress, the media had assiduously suppressed the materiality of the claims.

I know of no Republican in Congress who urged people to overrun the Capitol Police to unlawfully enter the Capitol. It was my impression, as I believe it was of everyone in Congress, that the assembly was a rally to express disapprobation with the election and the failure of so many to allow a full independent examination of voting mechanisms. We believed it would be a peaceful rally.

There is absolutely no basis to claim that any member instigated the incident of January 6.

Thus, we rightfully objected to the counting of the Electors in certain states and made our case during the debates. Most of our congressional colleagues voted against our objections, but many in the public understand and agree with our arguments.

Some Republicans are trying to eat their own and raise their own profile by blaming members of Congress for objecting to Electors. They are also jumping off of the Trump train, from which they have only been on for convenience or due to necessity.

In the cacophony blasting now, they join the Left to, just as Potter was doing in the movie, buy up everything they possibly can. Today, however, their goal is to emasculate the movement that propelled Trump to the presidency.

But, it won’t work. We are not panicking. We are discouraged, but we have resolve, grit, and determination; and we will reassert American freedom. We will defeat those who seek to restore the uni-party, status quo of pre-Trump Washington, D.C.